Empower Your T.E.A.M – Together Everyone Achieves More. They do not care how much you know until they know how much you care! Provide your team with an unforgettable experience.

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About Mpowerment

We specialise in the empowerment of teams and individuals. We conduct team building events for corporate clients. We improve performance through teamwork!

We also train other Trainers and Service providers how to add variety to their events and make it a memorable and an experiential event as suppose to just an intellectual experience.

Team Building

Empowerment Activities

Board Break

Do you really want to know how powerful you mind is? Then step up and take this challenge. Here we take the whole board breaking experience to a new level. Break the board with no force at all, just your pure energy power flowing through you – This will blow you away as you stand in awe of how easy it is to channel your energy force within you. Afterwards the broken board is yours to keep as a reminder of how sheer intent and your mind’s power are capable to slash such a strong piece of wood.



The Unique Fire Walk Experience:Embrace yourself for an experience of a life time – You cannot be told about how this feels, you simply have to experience it for yourself – Walk barefoot across a 15ft bed of burning hot coals measuring 1500° with Tosin Firewalker Ogunnusi and his team. You’ll learn to turn you fear state into unstoppable power to overcome any obstacles and challenges, thereby achieving immense results beyond your wildest dreams.

Bar bending

This is the ultimate test for those wishing to attain new heights in their personal growth and faiths to attain excellence in everything there do. Here you will be pushed to the limits, a bit like life itself sometimes.

Only a 100% commitment will do, any less and you will fall short of the mark! Step up only when you are ready to really change your life. You will learn to bend metal bars that are used to re-enforce concrete in constructions solely with the power of your focus and total concentrated effort.


Tosin’s Books

Time To Break Free

The book is based on 7 key leadership principles around: How to heal and express your emotions in the moment & How to discover what your true purpose in life really is & How to set goals and consistently achieve them & How to manage your emotions by acknowledging, accepting and appreciating the past for what it truly is & How to live your life on your own terms without needing any external validation & How your mind works and how you create meaning from everything in your environment and how to take charge of your mind and therefore your results & How to incorporate the 8 Natural Laws of the Universe into your life so it works more easily, effectively and effortlessly

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Empower Yourself with 7 Natural Laws

Empower Yourself With 7 Natural Laws is an invaluable book that will provide you with daily inspiration. What advice do you seek today? Just open its pages randomly to reveal a colour, which represents the mood you’re in, and a personal message to go with the colour you’ve chosen.

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Perform Like a Champion

F1 Speaker system series that consists of 3 books on public speaking coming out soon. Soon you will be able to get Tosin’s new book Perform Like a Champion Every time You Speak, where you can learn six simply steps which will help you to master presentation skills.

Happy Customers

My daughter Sarah, who is 14, has been scared of spiders for many years. More recently, she’s become afraid of needles, so much so that she wouldn’t have her meningitis, polio etc vaccination, either at school or at the clinic. Being a non-practicing NLP Practitioner, I knew that what she needed was a Fast Phobia Cure. We went to see Tosin Ogunnusi at Mpowerment, who spent less than a couple of hours with Sarah, first getting to know her a bit. When he thought she was ready, we simulated her having an injection with a real needle (no, we did not puncture her skin) and she was perfectly calm whereas before, she would have been hysterical at the sight of the needle. She also let a spider walk up her sleeve, which again would have been impossible before. In fact, I used to hear loud screaming in the house every so often and knew that there would be a spider in the room that Sarah was in, with Sarah frozen as far away from it as possible. I’m absolutely thrilled with the result and am taking Sarah for her vaccination next week. Thank you so much, Tosin. I can wholeheartedly recommend Tosin to anyone with a phobia that they want to get rid of

Insa Winkelbrandt

I thank you both so much for a fantastic weekend that was so well timed in my life. Big changes have been made in my life since my visit I’m constantly listening to motivational recordings, who i am Incantation (still working on it), clarity in my decisions, focus, goal settings, i know where im going in my relationship to name a few and three days ago was the last day i inhaled cigarette smoke and since then only clean air! YES YES YES! I will beat that shit!!! Mind adjusting, positive focused energy!! Loving it.

Scott Walker