Firewalk as a Team Building Activity

What is firewalking?

Embrace yourself for an experience of a life time – You cannot be told about how this feels, you simply have to experience it for yourself – Walk barefoot across a bed of burning hot coals measuring up to 1500° with Tosin Firewalker Ogunnusi and his team. You’ll learn to turn you fear state into unstoppable power to overcome any obstacles and challenges, thereby achieving immense results beyond your wildest dreams.

Then the Ultimate Fire Walk Experience will change the way you approach your life. By facing your fears and achieving something against the odds of regular physics and common sense. You are defying the odds and winning. You are challenging all the ancient paradigms in your head that tells you, you can’t do something but with us, you learn that you CAN!

What would you include firewalk in your team building event?

You might have heard about team building activities such as a spa day, a night out, a sports day. Those activities definitely contribute to bonding the team. Why would you choose  a firewalk activity for your team building event then? Empower each individual to break through their fears and get them to feel empowered, and you get a whole empowered team that will improve their performance at work.

How does it work?

The very important part of firewalking is the training itself. You have to convince your mind you can do it first. Firewalk is a metaphor for obstacles in your life. You have to believe in your abilities first, you have to believe that you can do anything and nothing can stop you. If you attempt to walk on hot coals without any mindset training you are up for burns on your feet. Our mind affects our body, we have to be in charge of your mind, therefore the training prior to the firewalk is essential.

So, usually we would do a short intro in a training room, then we go outside to light up fire for the wood to burn down to coals while the mindset training is carried on in the training room.



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