Firewalk for Hallmark Care Homes

On Tuesday 24th Oct we had the pleasure to be a part of Hallmark Care Homes Empowerment Day for their team members. We have been working with Hallmark Care Homes for several years and each event we do together is fun, enjoyable and I think I can say that we keep learning new things from each other and inspire each other as well.

Hallmark Care Homes is a family-run provider of multi-award winning care homes. They own 16 care homes across England and South Wales and are recognised in the industry for providing high quality care and outstanding, innovative facilities. They have been named the Top Recommended, Mid-Size, Care Provider in the UK for 2016/17 by For more info about Hallmark Care Homes visit

Hallmark Care Homes organise Empowerment Days and Advanced Empowerment Days for their team members because they believe that by empowering individuals they get empowered team that delivers better service to their residents and their families.


The unique thing about Hallmark Care Homes Empowerment Days is that it is not just for management, but employees with various roles attend – GMs, carers, cleaners, chefs, even the MD is present. They always create such lovely atmosphere where they are all one team, no matter which care home they work in, and there is no hierarchy in the room.

On Tuesday we did a firewalk in Brentwood, London for 120 team members from several care homes. It always seem like each Empowerment Day is even better than the last one in terms of enthusiasm, atmosphere and energy in the room. And the energy we had in the room on Tuesday was simply amazing.


Would you like to learn more about firewalk? Check our blog post about firewalk by clicking here. If you would like to give your team similar experience, please get in touch. Click here to fill in the contact form and we will get in touch shortly. 


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