Total Body Transformation Seminar

We simply love the diversity of clients we work with and the diversity of the environments we work in. This week we are in Romania to be a part of Total Body Transformation Seminar organised by Irina Alionte, the founder of Bodyshape Transformation Centre Bucharest, Romania.


Bodyshape Transformation Centre is the only centre in Romania that managed in just one year to help the people of Bucharest to lose over 4,000 kg and lose over 20,000 cm in waist, and they keep counting.  But most importantly helped its clients to gain their confidence. If you are based in Bucharest and you would like to transform your body, gain confidence and learn how to love your body in 6 weeks then make sure you visit Bodyshape Transformation Centre website

23031403_1764190307208594_5272356828949142967_n.jpgTotal Body Transformation Seminar had two parts – a session about health and fitness was delivered by the founder and the owner of Bodyshape Transformation Centre, Irina Alionte, followed by a session about importance of mindset delivered by the founder and owner of Mpowerment Ltd. Tosin Ogunnusi.

Participants learned about the principles of a healthy lifestyle and about the steps that lead to a healthy weight loss. They also learned that it is not just about healthy eating and fitness, but an important aspect of a change that leads to establishing healthy active lifestyle is mindset. Mindset is the key!

Few attendees of the seminar had a change to experience our board breaking empowerment activity which helped them to break through their limiting belief and allow them to realise that they can do anything they decide to do, that the only thing holding them back at the moment are their own limiting beliefs.

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