What is it Firewalking?

It’s walking over hot embers of coals that is measuring anything from 500-2500 degrees Fahrenheit and your average oven is about 200 degrees and you can’t even touch it when it’s hot let alone walk over it.

This is not for the faint hearted it is a real challenge for the firewalker.

That’s why we call it the Firewalk Challenge, great for bringing together teams.

In my opinion it’s one of the fastest ways of bonding teams together…

Firewalk in Norwich

What is the Firewalk Challenge?

This is a dynamic 3-5 hours event of personal mastery. It promises to be a crash course event in taking personal ownership and responsibility for self, which translates into taking massive action to achieving an extraordinary quality of life forever!

What is the Purpose of Firewalking?

I often get asked this question a lot…

The purpose of Firewalking is your personal ability to turn your fears into inner power and strength, which in turn empowers you to take action towards the fulfillment of your goals, dreams and desires.

What are the Benefits of Firewalking?

There are many benefits to Firewalking but to answer this question I came up with what I consider to be the main core benefits in the form of an acronym (R.O.O.M.S)



“Firewalking Creates R.O.O.M.S. for You”

What does R.O.O.M.S mean?

  1. Relationships

It helps to improve both business and personal relationships, with colleagues and loved ones too by association and bonding together.

  1. Obstacles

It allows you to overcome your fears, limitations and hurdles, which in turn boosts your confidence and gives you more control over your obstacles.

  1. Originality

Being able to walk on hot embers of coals opens up your creativity and allows you access to dormant resources that were at a point in time hidden from you. This gives you greater use of your imagination, vision and personal style.

  1. Mindset

Firewalking allows the individual doing it to experience a mind-shift like no other…! It’s a total transformation of character and attitude, which puts you in the right frame of mind to deliver results over and over again. And finally but not the least:

  1. Skills

What do I mean by skills? I mean person power to focus, concentrate and perform like a champion. Which in turn, will showcase your competency and effectiveness both at work and at home.

There you have it – the main benefits of Firewalking.


If you’re yet to experience and accomplish this amazing feat then do yourself and your team a favour and get in touch to book a Firewalking event or ask about our next available event that you and your team can attend. Click here to find out more or get in touch:

Why are people able to walk on hot embers of coal measuring 500 – 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit?

People are generally curious as to how anyone is able to walk over embers of hot coals unharmed, this really alarms them and they question how is it possible.

You might be reading this and also questioning how it’s possible so let me put your mind at rest…

The real answer to this is, “Mind in Matter” as suppose to, “Mind over Matter.”

The human body has a mechanism to cool itself.  Respiration, perspiration and circulation all play a part in this process and all are connected to the brain, which is obviously influenced by the mind. Observe someone sucking on a lemon, or entertain a few sexual fantasies, and you yourself can instantly see how the mind can change the electro-chemical state of the brain and then the central nervous system relays that electro-chemical change to the body system and cells of your being.

You can have physical experiences when nothing physical is impacting you. This is not “Mind over Matter,” but rather, “Mind in Matter.”

When a firewalker is in the proper state of mind, the blood flowing through his or her body is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.  As it moves through the soles of the feet, it continually cools the tissue and prevents it from reaching its “kindling point,” or should we say, “Boiling point.”

Dr. Andrew Weil, the renowned Harvard trained Physician and Medical Researcher, has investigated Firewalking for many years and says, “ There is no way I can be convinced that mental state is not the key variable in Firewalking.”

When people burn, it may indicate that their state of mind has made them more “DENSE,” a fluid mind-state translates into fluidity of the body itself. So what needs to be examined is not the conductivity of the coals, but why human flesh is sometimes more conductive than at other times.

This is why we encourage and support all our delegates to be in a peak state before they attempt to do any of our Firewalks. This is what we call, “Managing your state,” which in turn puts our delegates into a fluid mind-state that allows them to walk successfully.







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