Glasswalk for NLP Master Practitioners

On Tuesday we had the pleasure to be a part of David Key’s NLP Master Practitioner & Master Hypnotherapist training. I think it is amazing when trainers decide to spice up their seminars by adding something special, like an empowerment activity.


This was the 2nd time we did a glasswalk for attendees of David’s training, we did one last year in November as well.

Glasswalk is a calm, more spiritual like activity, so it is suitable for specific kind of events and seminars, and I think it is a really good match for any NLP training.


This time glasswalk was a “cherry on the cake” of the first five days of this training. Participants were amazing, they all took this unique opportunity to get this special, often once in a lifetime experience. And I think we can say that everyone enjoyed our afternoon glasswalking session.


If you would like to read a bit more about glasswalking then watch out for our tomorrow’s blog post!


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