Glasswalk as an Empowerment Activity

As you know we provide our clients with an option of 5 different empowerment activities – Board break, Re-bar bend, Arrow break, Firewalk and Glasswalk. First four are relatively high energy activities where we aim to get the participants to high energy state which involves energizing music, power moves, jumping, cheering etc. And this is what differentiates glasswalk from the other four activities – glasswalk is a very calm activity that is performed almost in a meditative state.


What is “glasswalk”?

Glasswalk is walking on pieces of broken glass bottles (wine bottles, beer bottles etc.) with your bare feet.

What occasion is glasswalk suitable for?

Glasswalk is suitable for smaller group for up to 50 participants. It is great for team building events, trainings and seminars.

Where can a glasswalk activity be run?

Anywhere where is space for it. We come with all the equipment we need and we clear up once we are finish. Any kind of floor or outside surface is ok – wooden floor, carpet, grass, gravel, as we lay sheets on it and the glass comes on top of it all.

Can I get hurt doing a glasswalk?

There is a risk doing all empowerment activities, just like there is a risk of injury when you play sports. However in the many years of doing glasswalk we could count all the little, tiny cuts on fingers of one hand. And those were injuries that just needed a plaster, nothing serious.

How long does the glasswalk take?

It depends on number of participants. However 30 people can complete glasswalk in roughly 2 hours.

What should I consider while thinking about including glasswalk in my event?

You should think about how many participants you have, what kind of energy and outcome are you looking for and how much time you have.


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