9 Practical Benefits of NLP

For many years I had studied personal developments and self help, with mixed results. Since discovering and mastering NLP the results in my business, coaching, and relationship have been amazing and most of all I have personally grown beyond all recognition.

Now a lot has been written and said about the benefits of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), so rather than bore you with what NLP is all about, let me share with you some the top 10 benefits you can be sure to enjoy once you attend an NLP Practitioner Training:

  1. Improving Team Moral
  2. Improving Sales Performance
  3. Developing Great Negotiation Skills
  4. Becoming A Goal Achiever
  5. Becoming A Super Networker
  6. Building Strong Long-Lasting Relationships
  7. Mastering the Art of Decision Making
  8. Generate Strong Persuasive Skills
  9. Understanding You


1. Improving Team Moral

Connection is the key to human interaction and evolvement. Connect yourself and your team together in such a deep way that builds strong bonds and allows them to access other resourceful states.

2. Improving Sales Performance

Your ability to sell your product and services will be the one deciding factor as to whether you survive in business – The same goes fro your team.  Learn how to convince anyone who wants what you sell to take up your offer… And more importantly become bullet proof to the most common objections you hear in life.

3. Developing Great Negotiation Skills

Learn a really quick, simple process that would enable you to establish a win, win, scenario in all your dealings with teams, clients and suppliers alike.

Discover how you can even get people who disagree with you to hear you out.

4. Become A Goal Achiever

Firstly, identify what your “WHY,” is and then learn a simple strategy for setting goals that makes it real for you. I’m sure you would agree with me that it is much easier to get what you want if you know what you want?

5. Become A Super Networker

Develop an attitude that other people want to be around – And crucially, want to do business with. Become a connecter of people that’s what real Networking is all about… Connecting people together! Learn valuable skills in reading and understanding peoples’ cues and use them to your advantage. Get people to instantly like you by building rapport with them within 5-10secs of meeting them.

6. Building Strong Long-Lasting Relationships

The bedrock of a great marriage, business, or friendship is a solid and positive relationship. You will learn how to turn your dealings with others into a positive and meaningful relationship.

7. Mastering the Art of Decision Making

This is a really good one. Most people in society or perhaps you also avoid making decisions because they or yourself wrongly think making decisions is painful… But the truth is the pain is in the indecision of not making one!

And the reason for this hesitation is because most people or yourself want your decisions to be the right one… Don’t you?

You see, it’s not about making right decisions but it’s about making your decisions right.

When you make a decision and it all goes wrong, guess what? You learn something and when you make a decision and it all goes right, guess what? You learn something. So, it doesn’t matter either way you learn something, so hear you will learn how to master the art of making decisions quickly like a champion.

8. Generate Strong Persuasive Skills

To become a real influencer in your home, business and social settings or gatherings you need to learn the skills of Persuasion. It will make you standout and be counted by your peer group. They will see you as a leader.

9. Understanding Yourself

Who are you? Become consciously aware about yourself, what motivates you, what makes you tick – And discover how you can have an unstoppable confidence in all situations you find yourself in.


So, they you have it… 9 Practical uses of NLP to help you in life and in business.

I hope you have enjoyed it, please feel free to provide any comments of feedback about this piece and also ask us any questions you might have relating to NLP specially?

If you would like to know more about NLP or perhaps you would like to do a live training leaning the skill of NLP then check out our website:

www.mpowerment.co.uk or email us at: infor@mpowerment.co.uk


Tosin Ogunnusi

Founder of Mpowerment

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