Give Yourself an NLP Christmas Gift

Tosin gift.pngNeuro-Linguistic Programming is the study of human excellence. It was created as a way of identifying how people were able to excel in various fields – business, therapy, sports, communication and many others. By discovering how the minds of great achievers were working, the creators of NLP – and the many pioneers that have followed, have uncovered many of the structures of human excellence. By Learning and duplicating these structures in your own life, you will be able to significantly increase your personal and professional effectiveness. We live in a world of amazing technological innovations, yet many of us know very little about how we, as human beings, work.

Why Learn NLP?
NLP has many applications; our training is designed to en-hance both your personal and professional life. NLP is well known for its many change techniques enabling you to un-derstand what you really want and overcome the specific fears and obstacles that may be standing in your way. By becoming qualified in NLP you will also become proficient in helping yourself and others resolve such issues and de-sign a future that is both compelling and achievable.
Most people feel that the most significant benefits of NLP are in the professional arena, from increased skills in communications, managing, influencing and teamwork, to entrepreneurial skills and increased effectiveness for small business owners and the self employed.

NLP Practitioner training can take anything between 5 to 7 days, at the end you get certified as an NLP Practitioner. However, a lot of people are just looking for some tips and techniques they can apply in their current career, such as:

  • Building rapport with a customer
  • Improving sales techniques
  • Positive mindset
  • Goals setting
  • Weight loss
  • Eating less cake
  • Phobia cure
  • Dealing with negative emotions from the past
  • And many more….

For these cases we have our NLP Home Study Program where you can study just the bits you want, in your own time, but still with our email and online support!

And this Christmas we have almost 80% discount for you – Get your NLP Home Study Program for just £99!

What will you get:

  • 297 pages manual
  • A test paper
  • 14 videos (technique demonstrations)
  • 16 audio discs
  • Facebook Support group
  • Email Support

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