Do you provide value for your clients and customers?

How do you provide this value?

Do you go the extra mile?

What’s your intention for providing value is it truly to give or to receive?

When I honestly reflected on this topic… I recalled a couple of memories in the past, where I can honestly and openly say, regrettably that didn’t deliver a 100% value. Don’t get me wrong here, I delivered what they wanted but not a 100%. Now most people would say there is nothing wrong with that at all as long as you deliver the value in the first place. Yes and No!

Let me explain, yes you delivered the value but delivering the value on its on is not enough from an energetic point of view. You need to be totally focus and present in the moment of delivering your value to your customer. You cannot allow or afford for your mind to wonder or drift ahead.

What do I mean? You can’t be doing a job and thinking about the next job or just doing what is required just to get paid and nothing more. You can’t just wonder off to your challenges and problems and not be present on the job.

I would like to jump out on a limp here and say, most people if they are truly honest with them-self, would say, “Sometimes they are focused and present 100% on the value (job) they provide and sometimes they don’t have a 100% attention on the job or value they provide to others.

Delivering value a 100% of the time is the key. It’s not just a 1, 2 or 3 time thing. It’s a continuous way in which we should live our lives.

Most people find it is easy to deliver 100% value when things are going well for them and they are feeling good but when under stress, pressure and desperate, they tend to sometimes lose sight of what’s important.

Do you find yourself doing this too? It’s usually not intentional or conscious. It’s just human nature to think solely of themselves in these situations and no one else. It’s your survival mode that kicks in at these unfortunate moments in our lives.

Rather than losing focus and attention and working absent minded and not really delivering 100% value for your clients and customers. What you need to do instead is acknowledged yourself, assess the situation and compartmentalise it so you’re free to deliver value to your customers without the distractions.

What is delivering a 100% Value? I’m glad you asked. A 100% value is being in the zone, losing track of time, space and being totally present. It also means you go the extra miles. You don’t just deliver what they have requested or paid for you become Halifax and you give extra (If you’re wondering what that is, it’s the Halifax T.V. Ad commercial tag line). Halifax as a building society or Bank gives you extra. You as a provider of services and products must also give your clients and customers extra.

I love the Halifax tag line and I often use it in my business as well, where I tell my clients and customers that I’m like Halifax because I give you extra. But like I said, in some instances on reflection I believe I fell short of the mark and for that I truly apologise to those clients and customers for not delivering a 100% value.

Where are you not delivering a 100% value to your customers? What are the key moments when you do this? Identify them and rectify it by reflecting on it and taking the necessary steps to make changes immediately.

Make sure that in 2018 all of your clients and customers get a 100% value. Give them all you got and a whole lot more. You’d be glad you did.

In closing, here’s what you need to know and remember: Delivering 100% value to your clients and customers must be the only standard (norm) that you live by not the exception.

Make it a healthier, wealthier and happier 2018.

In love and light always!

Tosin Ogunnusi

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