The Sky is not the limit, your MIND is!


Often you here the saying that, “The Sky is the limit,” I beg to differ, “The Sky is not the limit, your Mind is!”

Think about this word, “Mind-Set” what does it really mean? It means setting your mind or re-setting your mind everyday to achieve your desired outcome or goals.

The question I often ask company owners, managers and team leaders is firstly what type of mind-set are you operating with and what type of mind-set are your team members operating with?

If you think of your mind as an operating system how often do you upgrade it? How often do you clean it up, meaning how often do you get rid of your junk mail or thrash box?

As a leader of people your job is to provide them with the tools that would allow your team to self-regulate, inspire and motive themselves to delivery results every time… And in order to do that you and your team need to have an in depth understand of how your mind works and know how to upgrade and install new software to create new habits that would allow you to perform at your optimum best and delete old unwanted habits and emotions that no longer serves you.

This is the process of adopting a growth mind-set versus a fixed mind-set. As human beings we are designed to grow and evolve and that requires re-setting your mind daily for success.

So you see your mind is truly the limit – Get a handle of it and you become a master of your own destiny.

Here is my solution to help you develop a great mind-set it’s called the, “BRREAKTHROUGH YOUR P.A.N.E. FORMULA.”

This is all about adopting a growth mind-set so that you can continue to evolve and experience more of what life has to offer…


The P is the very first place to start – Let me ask you this question, what has to happen in order for you to begin to communicate with yourself?

Obviously, an event has to occur outside the boundaries you call your body and as you experience this external event you immediately begin to process/evaluate it in your mind. This is what I call, Private-Dialogue or something known as self-talk.

Now there are two distinctive voices in your head one overly critical and the other could be described as overly supportive. The question is which one rules you? Your, critical inner-voice or your supportive, inner-voice?

The challenge here is most people do not understand the inner workings of the mind therefore the Succumb to their critical inner-voice and drown out the supportive inner-voice.

The result of this is in-congruence, inner turmoil and inner conflict with themselves.

What is communication made up of? I will tell you, your communication is a composite of your body language, tonality and the words you use. Even though your body language makes up 55% of your communication and 38% and 7% makes up the other two respectively. You can see that 93% of your communication is non-verbal, so even when you are saying nothing at all you are actually saying a lot.

The key here is to make sure that your body language, tonality and words that you use are all in sync and that is what is know as speaking your authentic truth.



The next point in P.A.N.E. is the A and for me it’s an absolute must if you really want to be successful in life.

What am I talking about? I’m talking about, “ASSUMPTIONS” what are assumptions?  Assumptions are simply BELIEFS that you hold to be true.

So, what’s a belief? A belief is a feeling of absolute certainty about yourself, others and the world around you.

The primary key to your success is a bulletproof belief in your self-worth and your own abilities.

I believe it was Henry Ford, who said, “If you believe you can and; If you believe you can’t you are right.”

The irony is you and I live in a world of uncertainty and yet we have to act as if we have certainty in order to get what we want.

It’s all a self-fulfilling prophecy if you ask me… What is a self-fulfilling prophecy I hear you ask?

A self-fulfilling prophecy is an expectation or prediction that is initially false (remember that later), which initiates a series of events that cause the original expectation or prediction to come true.

According to Robert K Merton a self-fulfilling prophecy or an assumption (belief) has 3 distinct phases:

  1. You have a belief in something (false at the time it is held).
  2. You behave in a way you would not have normally done in the absence of that (false) belief in your mind… And finally phase three
  3. The behaviours displayed in phase two actually create a series of events, which make the belief then become true.


Now this works whether you have a positive or negative self-fulfilling prophecy about yourself, others or the planet.

So, what you need to explore here is, what do you belief and is your belief serving you by moving you in the right direction or is it holding you back from expressing and being your true self?

Adopt a positive approach to life and create good assumptions of yourself in all areas of your life. And finally:


Now it’s great to talk the talk and walk the walk, its also imperative that you belief in yourself and create the right assumptions but all of that is useless if you can’t build rapport and interact with others.

Would you agree that no man or woman is an ISLAND all by themselves, Yes or No?

The reason for this is that no man, woman or company can be successful all by themselves… They all need other people in support of their goals, desires and dreams in other to fulfill it. Now don’t get me wrong, the aspiration has to start with you first 100% but along that journey in order for you to become truly successful you’re going to need others.

If you observe nature very closely you will see how it interacts brilliantly with all the elements within it including us. It’s a real phenomenon. Hence why, TETRAMAP likened human beings to the main elements of the Universe such as:

  1. EARTH – Like a mountain is firm

Bold and sturdy, Earth Elements are confident in their approach. They know what they want and for what purpose. Earths have done their homework, are risk-takers and can make decisions quickly.

  1. AIR – Like the wind is clear

These orderly and focused individuals rely on their abilities to analyse and measure. Air Elements check for quality, information, and guarantees. Leave it to Airs to read service manuals and check product or guarantee specifications.

  1. WATER – Like a lake is calm

Friendly and consistent Water Elements care about relationships and people. These feeling individuals respond to trust-worthy service and being listened to. Loyalty, once earned is secure.

  1. FIRE – Like the sun is bright

Looking at the positive side of life with energy and enthusiasm, Fire Elements love variety, exploring possibilities and fun! They look to the future for brightness and respond well to informal, interested approaches.

They say under stress you have a primary element at your core, which is the one that dictates how you respond – So the question is which one are you (Earth, Air, Water or Fire)?

The goal here is to establish what primary element you are and to figure out how to adapt your behaviour so you can interact better with all the other elements just like nature does.

This is not just essential in your personal lives but it’s equally if not more crucial when working with your teams.

So, what is a company and what is the culture within that company?

For me both answers to the above question are the “PEOPLE” within that company as they represent the company, it’s culture and it’s brand.

I’m sure you will agree with me that understanding and adapting your natural nature; is essential and a vital necessity in creating the right culture within your businesses.



The final piece of the puzzle for acquiring an evolving mind-set is to continually strive to expand your comfort zone by daring yourself to do something you’ve never done before – I call this act, “EMPOWERMENT!”

I believe every single one of us has been endowed with the gift of empowerment. So, what is empowerment really? Empowerment is the green light, the go ahead, the permission or license to grow and expand.

Too often most people are waiting for other people to validate them before they can do what they need and ought to do in the first place… Perhaps you are one of those people needing validation before you can act.

The truth is you have already been empowered by birth – So, just give yourself permission to do the things you want to do and get on with it.

So, how do you empower yourself?

There are several ways in which you can empower yourself:

  1. Do something you’ve never done before…
  2. Take a on a new challenge every year…
  3. Embark on a new project…
  4. Learn a new language, sport or craft…
  5. Travel to a new destination and meet met new cultures yearly…
  6. Adopt the C.A.N.I. mantra (Constant And Never-ending Improvement) of yourself.


Any of these activities above will allow you to become aware of valuable resources within yourself that you never thought you had…

We empower you by taking you through our empowerment activities known as, “BRAG & F” that is, Board Breaking with your bare hands un-harmed, Re-Bar Bending with the soft part of your throat with a partner or buddy, Arrow Breaking with the soft part of your throat, Glass-walking with your bare foot and finally Fire-walking with your bare foo, walking over hot embers of coals measuring 500 – 1,500 Degrees Fahrenheit.

So, there you have it, PRIVATE-DIALOGE, ASSUMPTIONS, NATURE and EMPOWERMENT. The tools, tactics and strategies to discovering and understanding how your mind works – In order to manage your emotional state and develop a growth mind-set.

Get in touch with us if you would like your team and organisation to go through our Mind-set workshop. This could be done as a half-day or a full day workshop. It’s very interactive and practical not just head knowledge. The delegates get an experiential experience from the day.


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