What Does Purpose Mean?

Who are you? Why were you born? What is your big why for living or existing? What are you passionate about? What excites you? What are you good at?

Have you ever caught yourself asking any of these questions above?

For most of you that are normal human being, whatever that means to you because quite frankly some of you are aliens from out of space (Just to clarify what I mean by aliens; some of you are just freaks of nature like Lionel Messi and Christian Rolando who just jump out of their mothers wombs and knew exactly what to do in life)…But for those humans amongst us you’ve asked these questions several times of yourself right?

I personally believe you have found your purpose when you love what you do, you do it so well, the world needs it and they are willing to pay for it to get it from you. Now that is what I call your true “PRUPOSE” in life.

I believe the world is like a giant jigsaw puzzle and you, me and everyone else is a piece of that jigsaw puzzle called planet earth. And each piece has a pivotal role in completing that whole picture – Meaning without you the world is not complete.

Imagine if you had a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle and you misplaced just one tiny piece of it… Now I’m sure you would agree with me that no matter what you do that jigsaw puzzle will never be complete right? Unless you buy a new one and replace the missing piece…that’s how important you are to the world. It’s very important that you find out what you stand for and act upon it. Now some of you might be saying, “me? I’m not that important, little old me, what difference can I make in the world?”

If that’s you then listen carefully to what the Dali Lama said, “If you feel you are too little and insignificant to make a difference in life then spend a night in a closed room with a mosquito and I promise you, you would soon realise how powerful and significant you are.”

Your only job on this planet is to seek out what it is that you are passionate and in love with and learn how to do it well, make sure it’s something that would benefit others and people are willing to pay you for it to get it. When you know what that is then you have found your purpose meaning you have found your rightful place where your jigsaw puzzle piece fits.

Finding your Purpose in life is one of life’s major celebrations.

As earlier explained, purpose in one’s life is what is at the centre of your heart of hearts. It is the composite of your passion, mission, profession and vocation…. Meaning you love it, the world needs it, you are great at it and you are paid for it.

Now some people find this earlier on in life, some later on in life and the sad thing is, others never find it in this lifetime…

The question is do you know what your purpose is in life? And if you know are you fulfilling it? Or more importantly are you living it?

In order for you to find and fulfil your purpose in life we teach you the, “AWAKENING TO YOUR DIVINE BIRTHRIGHT” this process takes you through 10 Limitless Horizons that you have to overcome in order to reach enlightenment and reconnect back to source.

This will further expand your awareness and begin to re-awaken you to the precious gift of “EMPOWERMENT” that resides within you. This will surely open you eyes to new possibilities and really challenge what you have previously believed.

Here’s what you need to know and remember – “Knowing and embarking on your lives purpose, makes your life meaningful.”

What does purpose mean to you?

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