What Do You Identify Yourself with?

To begin to answer the question above you first need to understand, what is an identity?

An identity is the labels you give yourself based on past conditioning. It’s a funny thing these labels that most people share, 90% of them are negative self-talk.

If you are being honest how often have you heard friends, colleagues and loved ones or perhaps yourself, say the following words:

“I’m stupid;” “I’m not very clever you know;” “I have a bad memory, I’m always forgetting things;” “I’m not good enough;” “That’s a crazy idea, there’s no way its going to work;” “I’m ugly;” “Money is the root of all evil;” “It’s better to be poor than rich and miserable;” “I’m not strong enough, I’m too weak; “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”; “I can’t do that, it’s too complicated for me;” “I’m too old to learn;” “I’m too young, too fat, too thin;” “My bum/boobs/arms/legs is too big, too small etc.”

Are you beginning to get the general idea? I’m sure if you are being brutally honest with yourself you may have uttered one of these negative self-talks or others which are not list here, which are just labels that you have associated or linked with your identity of who you think you are.

Now you might be asking so what Tosin, why is it important what I call myself at least I’m not saying it about anyone else?

Here’s the thing, what you say to and think of about yourself is far more powerful and potent than anything anyone else can say or think about you… And also when someone labels you or gives you an identity by calling you names or using one of the above negative self-talks and you get upset and angry about it! Then it is more likely that you yourself have accepted whatever it is they said to you, in order for it to affect you because you believe it to be true yourself at some level.

If you didn’t believe it then you wouldn’t give it any energy, focus or attention but if it affected you emotionally in anyway then perhaps unconsciously or consciously in some cases you have allowed other people’s opinions of you to become your own reality.

You see people can call you names or all manner of things but you are in charge of how you respond to them. Remember its just an opinion and everyone is entitled to their own opinion – Just don’t get hooked by it or on it.

Opinions are like a loaf of bread, no matter how thin you slice it, there will always be two sides to it.

The main reason why you should be very careful what you say to yourself and others on a daily basis is because you only have to repeat a negative self-talk or label 5 times to yourself before it takes hold and becomes an Identity that you now live by… a bit like a negative affirmation if you like.

For instance (I’m am weak), you only have to repeat that 5 time and you become it instantaneously.

Remember this, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Eleanor Roosevelt’s

Finally, to create a brand new self-concept we teach you the, “A.N.V. NEW IDENTITY GENERATOR” this is a phenomenal process that can total and radically transform your whole being from where you are now to where you want to be. It’s easy, fun, proven and tested process that has produced some of the world’s leaders and influencers – Notably, Anthony Robbins…

Tony Robbins, says, “If you are not incanting at least 15 – 20 minutes a day then you are not following or understanding any of his teachings.”

The A.N.V. NEW IDENTITY GENERATOR allows you to create a new identity (self-concept) of who you really want to be that enhances your life and brings together your values, goals and purpose in life… And it also shows you how to install, internalise and emotionalise it so it becomes a reality for you.

If this is of interest to you then please get in touch at info@mpowerment.co.uk, so we can support you in creating a master-piece for your life.

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