Easy Software Empowerment Day

On 25th April 2018 we run an Empowerment day for Easy Software company that got its implementation center in Prague, the Czech Republic.

Easy Sofware is a provide of Easy Project, Easy Redmine and Calculoid products. Their mission is to make everyday life of software users easier and more convenient using professional tools with visual outputs. We personally use their all-in-one project management tool Easy Project for our own business.


It’s always a pleasure to see leaders who look to empower their teams. One could say that IT people might be just a bunch of geeks sitting all day in their hub, however the amazing team of Easy Software will change the way you perceive IT guys. They are a bunch of amazing, fun, outgoing people who actually call themselves “Easy family” and they are ready to serve their customers.

We had a change to provide the training to around 40 members of their team including the management, sales, marketing, support, implementation and development departments.

We took them through our “Break through your P.A.N.E formula” where we spoke about Private dialogue, Assumptions and beliefs, Human Nature and Empowerment.

The cherry on the cake was the afternoon empowerment activity – board break. It was the first time for all the participants to break a wooden board with their bare hand, and it was amazing to see those who came with the decision not to participate in the activity, simply smashing through the boards.

Having fun and seeing the shifts in the room is the best currency in our field. It was an amazing day and we are looking forward to having more fun with the team in the future.

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