What’s All The Fuss About Empowerment Activities?

Attention All Speakers, Coaches, Consultants and Business Owners, would you like to fill your events? Make it memorable? And influence more of your audiences to take action on your message, strategies, tools and tactics?

If you answered ‘YES’ to any of the questions above then this “SPECIAL BLOG POST” is definitely a must read…!

It’s time that you pay real close attention to what I’m about to reveal to you… It’s the hidden gem that has made the likes of Tony Robbins and many other seminar and event providers of these world millions of pounds.

It’s the difference that makes a difference when you are dealing with the most important variable in your businesses and indeed yourself.

So what am I talking about?

I’m talking about the most vital ingredient that makes up a successful event or a successful team. I’m taking about, ‘YOU’ and the individuals in your team and your audiences that attend your events and eventually spend money with you. I’m sure you would agree with me that people are the real difference that makes a difference in any event, group, seminar or business.

So, if that’s the case how do you grab their attention, hold it long enough so they get to hear your message… to make a buying decision at the end?

And if you are a business with a small or large team, how do you inspire and motivate them so they can perform at their optimal best, work together and more importantly be effective and productive for your business?

The first question is, is this really possible? Yes it is indeed! The second question is how do you do it?

The truth is there are many strategies out there for getting bums on seats and building an effective team that will achieve some of the results I’m taking about… But none of them would come close to achieving it in the way I’m about to share with you…

For those of you like me that have attended events, seminars, workshops and teambuilding events that have utilised these strategies, you would agree with me that the events have had a dramatic impact on you and for most people it still does and they still talk about it to this very day.

Before I share with you ‘WHAT’ it is… Let’s talk about ‘WHY’ you and your business would want to do this?


Most individuals want more confidence, challenges, better relationships, more skills to perform better at their jobs and as result make more money to support their loved ones.

Most companies, want greater bottom line results, increased productivity, efficiency and an effective team that are happy, flexible with a can do attitude. In order words a very confident and self-motivated team that drives the company forward and keeps it as a going concern.

Okay, Tosin, you’ve got my attention… What is it that you want me to incorporate into my events, workshop, seminars and our business to support our teams? Now that’s a great question? I thought you’d never ask?

What we do and use to help individuals and teams alike to perform at their optimal best is called:


We get them to go through our innovative and dynamic activities that allows them to breakthrough their limitation, fears and instils them with unstoppable confidence and a fearlessness that allows them to explore life to it’s fullest potential and not be restricted by their limitation… but rather to come to the realisation that they are indeed, LIMITLESS!

So, I’m guessing you are now wondering what the hell is:


They are unique activities that really blow the mind and really get’s you, your audience, and your team to open up their minds and really think about what is truly possible for them. What this means for you is that your audience or team become open to your message and teachings and you’d have succeeded in really engaging them at a deeper level. In other words you have their undivided attention.

This is why the likes of Tony Robbins and many top event providers use these activities to open up the minds of their audiences during their events.

The other reason why you need to know this for your events, team or indeed yourself is that most events out there are more about giving you the head knowledge which is the, WHY & WHAT and not really the HOW. By adding these activities to your events you really give your audiences a real emotional connection to what you are teaching or sharing… And that means they will remember it for a very long time… And for you team it’s a real bonding experience like nothing else that they have ever experienced. It becomes an anchor that brings them together and creates an experience they can share with each other and something to refer to whilst facing challenges or difficulties at work.

It’s a real confidence booster and a motivational tool that gives you a deep sense of belief in yourself and your own ability to do whatever it takes to achieve your desired results.

It’s one of the fastest and most effective strategies for bonding a team together bar none!

Here are the Mpowerment Big 5 activities (Board Breaking, Re-bar Bending, Arrow Breaking, Glass-walking and Fire-walking) that you should consider introducing into your business, events, workshops and seminars, if you haven’t already yet. I like to call them:

B.R.A.G & .F!

Let me share with you more information about each activity to help you decide, which one best suits, what message you are wanting to convey to your audience or what experiences you want to bond your team with etc.



A Board break is shattering through a one-inch pine wooden board with your bare-hands unharmed.


The board break event is one of the most exciting, exhilarating and entertaining events you can experience personally or as a team. It’s really helps to overcome procrastination, limiting beliefs, limiting decisions and sabotaging behaviours.

It’s great for team events for it’s supportive nature and high energy generated by everyone involved. It’s one of my favourite events to run and teach.



It’s bending a re-bar with the soft part of your throat with a buddy or partner. These are real re-bars that is used to re-enforce concrete and pillars inside a building.


This is a metaphor about total commitment in life, work and relationships. There is no such thing as 50:50, commitment in anything you do. You are either 100% committed or not at all. Anything less than 100% commitment to your buddy or partner whilst doing the event will not bend the bar. It requires a total of 100% commitment from both individuals to achieve the result period!



This is an amazing activity that also involves using the soft section of your throat. You place the point of a 27inch long wooden hunting arrow on your neck and through the power of your internal focus and state of mind you bend and snap right through the shaft of the arrow.


This is a real proven event for turning your hesitation and fear into a real positive energy of self-commitment and power. Where the Re-bar bending event is a team, couple, colleague and partner commitment… The arrow break is more for your own individual commitment to yourself. It gives you a sense of focus and alignment when you are angry, pissed off or when you’re experiencing moments when you feel less that your true self.



A glass-walk is walking barefoot over broken beer and wine bottles that have been cleaned and sterilised and laid out into a bed of broken glasses. They vary in length and width depending on the specific trainer but that is not of real importance… What’s really vital is been taken through or guided through the experience safely and successfully.


Why would anyone in the right mind want to do that…? It’s like with all these activities they are just a metaphor for how you run your lives.

The glass walk is all about focus, concentration and paying attention. It is more of a downtime state than up-time state. I liken it to a state of meditation and really paying attention to every single step you take. As in life if you don’t pay attention to every aspect of your life then you pay with ‘PAIN’ don’t you? A very profound experience indeed…!



A fire-walk is the practice of walking over hot embers of hot coals measuring anything from 500 – 1500 degrees Fahrenheit with your barefoot unharmed.

It is usually used for opening or closing events, charity fundraising events, teambuilding events and corporate seminars.


This is truly a transformational event for turning your inner fears into unstoppable power and confidence.

Used for overcoming your limiting beliefs about what it is that you are capable of doing or not doing. It’s an event that will shatter your limiting views about yourself and allow you to explore your limitless horizons. It will compel you to truly reach out and experience what life has truly got in store for you and your team. It is the one event that most definitely must be experienced in this lifetime!

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For more information about these activities or to experience it yourself or organise an event for your team then please contact us at info@mpowerment.co.uk

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