Train to Become an Empowerment Activities Instructor


Learn how to consistently achieve exceptional results with your audiences and your team by becoming an Empowerment Certified and Qualified Activities instructor with Mpowerment.

What those this mean for you personally?

It could potentially increase your sales conversions by 20% or add an extra £500 – £5,000 per month income to what you are currently generating or perhaps for you just be the catalyst you need to create the life that you want and desire.

Whether you’re looking to increase the performance and productivity of your workforce, take your coaching, consulting or speaking business to the next level or have a significant breakthrough in your own life, please take a moment to consider the Empowerment Activities Instructors Training (E.A.I.T) with Tosin Ogunnusi.

Who is this training for?

The training can be run as an event for corporate staff, a small group of individuals or a mixture of both. Mpowerment has helped Teams from a range of national firms, such as AVIVA, O2, and the FA. Our individual delegates come from all walks of life, including teachers, HR professionals, coaches, consultants, speakers, youth workers and business owners. If you fit into these categories then this training is definitely for you.

How will the course benefit you?

If you are an individual considering, attending the Empowerment Activities Instructors Training (E.A.I.T) for yourself…. I invite you to think back to a time in your life where you were going into a challenging situation, but you were feeling confident and in control. While you may not have been able to predict what was going to happen next, it did not matter because you knew you had the resources inside of you to handle whatever came your way.

Now imagine being able to recreate that state of empowerment anytime you need it.

How would you feel if you could help the people close to you in your life feel empowered also? What would that mean to you?

With so many courses out there, what makes this one different?

We can only scratch the surface with website copy, so we’d love the opportunity to discuss this with you in person. However, to give you a few main distinctions:

We strive to ensure that the training has a lasting impact: Too often you can go on a 4 days training and within 6 months all the learning have gone. Soon you revert back to old ways of thinking and being. At Mpowerment, we go above and beyond with our 4 Step Strategy for training our instructors that will make this an experience of a lifetime.

Small groups: If you’ve been on a training course with a big group, you’ll remember how hard it can be to get enough time with the trainer to grasp all of the concepts fully. At Mpowerment, we focus on smaller groups so we can ensure our training has an impact on everyone. We even consider 1:1 training for committed and dedicated individuals who exercise a desire to get trained as soon as possible. A great way to fully soak up the training, they would be zero distractions just you and the trainer.

2:1 Certification: The E.A.I.T course is a unique certification training that combines qualifying as an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming Certification) and an Empowerment Activities Instructor all in one. As part of this training you get access to Tosin’s NLP Home Study Program, which includes, 17 audios, 16 videos and a 265 pages workbook with a written test paper to assess your learning before certification.




Here’s what you will Learn:


Here you really come face to face with your inner self as you really get to know yourself… perhaps in way that you haven’t before. As a result of this you will improve your self-confidence and eliminate your limiting decisions and beliefs, which will allow you the choice to live without limits and go after your goals fearlessly. You literally breakthrough your own glass ceiling and set new standards for yourself far beyond what you think is possible…


This will set you apart from everyone else out there performing these activities without the proper training and guidelines.

No longer will you be putting yourself and other at risk as you will be fully aware of all the pitfalls and all the health and safety aspects of running a successful empowerment activities. You discover all the risk assessments required to perform each activity to a very high standard.

Finally and maybe the most vital part of the training we hook you up with our insurance company who are the only insurance company in the UK as far as I know that will insure these activities especially for those of you that are considering taking others through this activities.


Here is where you learn to perform each activity, step by step and one by one… And, you get assessed by performing it to the group as well; including finding out short cut strategies for achieving near enough 100% success rate every time you conduct one of these activities. Learn what to do when something goes wrong and how to turn it around…As everyone is different you will know exactly what to do to support all sort of people (young, old, small, tall or even people with disability etc.)


This is purely about your performance as an instructor… So, regardless of your experience, as a speaker, presenter or facilitator. You will learn some vital tool and tips to really engage your audience with impact and get then through each activity with real ease and poise. This section is really the difference that makes a difference!


Here you will learn about how to really promote yourself as an empowerment instructor. You will be taught tips and strategies that you can apply straight away and implement straightaway into your own business. So you can start generating a decent income from your newfound skills.

For testimonials regarding the Mpowerment B.R.A.G. & F Activities about your trainer (Tosin Ogunnusi) and his company, watch the videos below:



If this training resonates with you then get in touch at and be sure to subscribe to our Mpowerment Youtube channel for great (E.A.I.T) contents. The videos will give you a very good understanding intellectually of how to do these activities.

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