Empowerment Activities Online Training Video No. 1

In this week’s Empowerment Activities Instructor Training ( E.A.I.T. ) video, I am going to be sharing with you how to manage your state as a trainer or an instructor of these activities. Click here to watch the video.

Why is it essential to manage your state? It is essential that you manage your own state because to a certain degree you are going to be required to manage your audience, client or delegate’s state.

You see most of your audiences would be in a very fearful state before attempting to do anyone of these empowerment activities – And you can almost see, hear, taste and feel the fear coming from them. So if you are in a state of absolute certainty and confidence (managing your state) then it gives the delegate that little bit of courage and certainty that they need, to trust you and themselves that they can indeed do the empowerment activities too.

I have witness events where trainers and instructors are taking individuals through one of these activities (Board Breaking, Arrow Breaking, Bar-Bending, Glass walking and Fire walking) but they are completely terrified themselves – And what hope has the delegate, who’s, already bricking themselves got with such a trainer or instructor? Absolutely none whatsoever! This will just be a case of the blind leading the blind period. It’s a recipe for disaster because these activities are dangerous and due care must and should be taking to ensure the safety of our delegates period.

So the question is how do you manage your own state? I thought you’d never ask? In the video below you will discover, my four steps process for getting myself into an unstoppable state that allows me to give my delegates absolute certainty in my abilities to assist them and the confidence and belief that they can do it too!

  1. STANCE – Your physicality as a trainer or an instructor speaks volumes to your audience. So you have to carry yourself in a certain way whilst presenting and doing these activities. Any part of you that does not indicate or communicate confidence, certainty and congruence would put your audiences off and they would not believe that you know what you are doing as trainer or an instructor. So pay close attention to your stance.
  2. BREATHING –The way you breath whilst presenting and training is very important. Most novice and rookie trainers and instructors do not know, how to, breath properly. Hence why you see them talking too fast, running out of breath and not pausing enough. It’s because their breathing is out of sync and there’s no rhythm to it. As an instructor or trainer you need to start breathing properly and pausing regularly to find your own natural breathing pattern or rhythm.
  3. EXPANDED AWARENESS – This is really about been vigilant and observant of your surroundings whilst presenting and taking people through these empowerment activities. Sensory Acuity if you like, allowing your senses to become acutely aware of your audiences mood or state so you can affect it in positive way…But if you are not aware of it, how can you affect it? So you need to learn how to put yourself into an expanded awareness – Watch the video for more details on how to do this.
  4. RESOURCE ANCHOR – What is a resource anchor? It’s a power move that puts you into a good positive and confident state every time you do it. Many top world-class speakers and trainers have their own personal resource anchor that they utilize before they go on stage to preform at their optimal best. You too would be well advised to create one for yourself to put you at ease just before you go on stage or before you attempt taking people through these empowerment activities.

So they you have it my personal four steps process for putting myself in the right state so I can be free to manage my audiences and delegates states in a positive way.

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