Pre-frame as a Training Technique

In this week’s Empowerment Activities Instructor Training video, I am going to be sharing with you about, “Pre-Frames” and why you need to use it when running an “Empowerment Activities Day” for your clients or students.

What is a Pre-frame? A pre-frame is kind of like a reframe and a reframe is giving people or individuals a different perspective on things. I call it a turnaround – Like turnaround a negative situation, challenge or comment into a positive one. Now even though a pre-frame is kind of similar to a reframe, it has subtle differences.

A pre-frame is useful at the beginning of an event where you say a few words to re-assure your audience of the day or if you had a limited time to communicate and you didn’t want any interruptions with questions from the audience then you would use a pre-frame to let them know you have limited time at the beginning and you would answer all questions at the end of your talk or presentation.

So, in other words a pre-frame sets the frame for the day or the tone of your event itself.

So, why is it useful to do a pre-frame before conducting an empowerment day or running an empowerment activity? 

Firstly, it useful because you need to address, everyone doing the activities or not that they need to sign a none-negotiable disclaimer or waiver form that is a legal requirement by your Insurance Company. The reason for this is because all delegates have to choose to participate in doing these activities – No one should be forced or made to it. It must be a voluntary act by the individual and if you have children under 18years of age then their parent or legal guardian must sign the disclaimer form on their behalf. And

Secondly, like I said earlier to set the tone for the day and manage people’s expectations.

What are types of Pre-frames or Reframes you could use? There are many and you could create your own… In this video I have outlined 3 of my favourite Pre-frames or Reframes if you like. Watch the video for details.

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