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My first attempt at writing was authoring my first book “Empower Yourself with the 7 Natural Laws” https://www.amazon.co.uk/Empower-Yourself-7-Natural-Laws/

Empower Yourself With 7 Natural Laws Amazon.co.uk Tosin Ogunnusi 9781781331637 Books - Google ChromeIt was published a day after my birthday on the 7th October 2015. It was a full colour book with 82 pages and at the time I did not really consider it to be a proper book in the real sense of it as it was not over 100 pages and it was a collection of all my favorite quotes, stories, questions and poems that really got the pulse going – Meaning there were concepts an ideas that really challenge you as person.

I referred to them, at the time as my bible and I wanted to share them with the world because these were the words that inspired and motivated me each and every day. So, I felt other people can and could be inspired by it too and so it turned out to be.

Empower Yourself With 7 Natural Laws Amazon.co.uk Tosin Ogunnusi 9781781331637 Books - Google Chrome +

Before that I use to be one of those people who believed he could not write – I shared the following beliefs:

I’m not a writer…

I can’t write…

I get writers block…

I will never write a book…

It’s too hard to write…

The list went on and perhaps you are someone who shares these old beliefs with me? If you are then please listen carefully to me and what I’m about to share with you next:


Stop believing that for yourself, not even for one second, here’s what you need to start believing instead:

I’m a writer…

I love writer…

Writing loves me…

It’s very easy to write…

I’m a Published Author of 8 bestselling books…

This was a complete mind-shift for me personally and considering English was my second language and I personally write the way I speak.

It’s really about getting you passion and expertise out there so that others can be inspired and motivated by it.

Anyway the reason why I’m sharing this story with you is that my new proper book (because it’s over 100 pages and it’s in black and white like most books), “Time 2 Break Free” has just been released on amazon on the 14 July 2018: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1912547147

Time 2 Break Free Release Your Past And Embrace Your Personal Power To Change Amazon.co.uk Tosin Ogunnusi 9781912547142 Books - Google Chrome

Time 2 Break Free is based on 7 key leadership principles around:

  1. Mindset – Understanding how your mind works and Acquiring and adopting the right mindset to deliver success
  2. Values – Know what really drives you and commit and align your life to it
  3. Success – what do you want? Define and achieve it using the 7 steps to long- lasting success
  4. Emotions – Identify what is holding you back and release it. Learning to let go of all negative emotions in the moment
  5. Purpose – Awaken your Divine Birth Right and truly understanding and becoming aware of what your life purpose is all about
  6. Laws – Your universe, your very existence is governed by natural laws. Discover the 8 Natural Laws of the Universe
  7. Identity – who are you? Eradicate the negative labels you or others have called you or identified you by and create a new masterpiece of who you really want to become.

The book has been written in a very easy to read and understand style that will appeal to all ages.

Not bad for someone who thought he couldn’t write for many years of his life and in the last four years as published 2 books and working on his third book, which should be out by the end of September 2018.

My goal is to personally author and publish 8, bestselling book – So 5 more to go after September.

My message to you is if you are someone who shares my old limiting beliefs and you want to shift that because you believe very strongly that they is a book or a message inside you and you want to share it with the world then please get in touch at info@mpowerment.co.uk and let us support you through that journey of becoming a published author.

Through the process of overcoming my own personal challenges of writing and publishing my own books – We have now formed a great team with some amazing individuals that can support you from A to Z in terms of all aspects to do with sharing your message, writing and publishing your book.

If you enjoyed this blog then please share, like and comment so we can reach more people and make a difference to their lives too.

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