Why we go through a change?

There is a natural phenomenon that has been permanent and constant throughout time in the lives of human beings and all living creatures.

I call this natural phenomenon, “CHANGE” you and I can’t escape it. Your business or organisation can’t escape it.

It is responsible for our evolution, growth, and development.

For example, you were born at a certain date and specific point in time and as a child, you went through various degrees or levels of change that developed your characteristics and attitude to date.

So would it be fair to say that the various changes in your lives have allowed you to grow and evolve to the level or degree that you’ve given yourself permission to do so? I guess so!!!

I say permission because most people in society never really give themselves permission to grow and evolve because they get caught up in the resistance and acceptance of change that they become stagnant, rigid and complacent.

Now, this is not just an issue for individuals but also a huge challenge for businesses too.

We recently conducted an Empowerment Day for Oyster Yachts in Southampton and they have just gone through some painful changes… And we were called in to assist the team to embrace the change by acknowledging it, appreciating it and accepting it but more importantly establishing new strategic approaches that will allow them to grow and evolve even bigger and better than they were before the change occurred.149fbdb8-07f9-49ee-99ac-9512275038a2.jpg

Over the years I have personally experienced many varying degrees of change in my life and here’s what I’ve learned… In my experience change is inevitable and it usually brings along with it new possibilities, hope, growth, development, and access to new resources that you never knew existed or that you even possessed.

It is my belief that our client (Oyster Yachts) are now well equipped to embrace their change and create a positive spin on what was a negative situation and make things even better than there were before the change happened.

You see change always closes one door and opens another…

The challenge is where is your focus?

Is it on the closed door or is it on the opened door?

This is just two sides of the same coin. The key here is to quickly acknowledge, appreciate and accept the closed door and start looking for or focusing on the open door so you and your company can derive the maximum benefit that the change was looking to provide you in the first place.

Start seeing everything in your life as a benefit; as a blessing in disguise, and as a miracle period.

In the words of Sadhguru of the Isha Foundation, in India. He said, “If one thing in your life is a miracle then everything in your life must be a miracle.”

I’m inclined to agree with him because as the saying goes, “Everything in your life happens for a reason.” Both the negative ones and the positive ones.

So in summary: “Embrace change in your life… So that life can bring you new possibilities to continue to grow and evolve!”

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