What Happens after Your Mind Filters Information?

What Happens after Your Mind Filters Information?

In our last blog post, we talked about the filters our mind uses to filter the information we take in based on events that happen around us. 

The meaning we give to events directly affects our emotional state. And our emotional state in turn directly affects our body. The body also affects your state, which in turn affects your mind, your internal representation. This is what is known as the mind-body connection or the body-mind connection; both mind and body are linked via our emotional state. Allow me to explain in detail with examples to illustrate the point:

Mind-Body Connection

I want you to stand up, put your feet together and have both your arms stretched out in front of you in line with your chin and have your palms facing up-wards. Now, (once you have read this!) I want you to close your eyes and begin to use your imagination. Now imagine that on your right hand, someone is placing 30 hardback books, which are of 2000 pages each on your hand one by one, and with each placement, the books feel heavier and heavier. Now on your left hand imagine someone tying around your wrist 2000 helium balloons and as the wind blows the balloons up in the air, your left hand begins to lift, lifting, lifting, lifting in the air. Stop now.

Keeping everything just the way they are, open your eyes to see if there is any difference between your right hand and your left hand. Try this now: If there is any difference between your hands, then you have proof of the Mind-Body Concept. You see, the mind is the activity and the body are the manifestation of that activity.

What are we really saying? If you are a jealous person and you create pictures or images of your partner cheating on you, then these thoughts, even though they may not be true, will affect your state, which will, in turn, affect your physical body or the way in which you will use your physical body. The images, pictures, sounds, tastes, smells and internal dialogues we have and create in our minds are very important. If you create negative thoughts, then you will have a negative feeling, which will, in turn, predetermine how you will use your physical body to assist you in creating or bringing into reality what it is you are feeling emotional and vice versa.

Open your mind

Body-Mind Connection

Have you ever felt down, maybe because someone just left you; you have just heard some sad news; you just couldn’t be bothered to do anything; you just had a row with your mother, spouse, partner, girlfriend, best friend etc.? Then you decided to go to the gym, even though you didn’t feel like it, but you dragged yourself along anyway. You start exercising, using the warm-up mat to stretch, then the treadmill for running, then the rowing machine to work all those muscles, and then you move on to the dumb bells for a light tone work out. All the while you were listening to your favorite music whilst exercising. Then, you stretch again, use the hot tub, the steam room, have a great shower, and head home feeling much better than you felt before you went to the gym.
So, what really happened there? Moving your whole body differently affected your emotional state, which in turn affected your Mind. The way in which you use your body has a dramatic effect on your emotional state and therefore affects how you think. You see, people don’t get depressed, they “do” depression by the way they use their bodies. If you were feeling low and down and you were to play your favorite music and begin to dance, I guarantee you will feel better instantly. Or if you watch your favorite comedy show which gets you laughing to the point of tears, this will instantly alter your state, which will, in turn, affect your thinking.

As human beings, there are only six things you and I can do in our minds and that is: we can hear sounds, we can see things, we can feel feelings, we can taste things, we can smell things and we can talk to ourselves, an internal dialogue. This is how your mind works!

In the next blog, we will be talking about Communication model. I already wrote a blog about it in past, but I think that is such an essential topic, that we need to talk about it as much as possible.

Also, remember you can find more information on these and other topics in my new book Time To Break Free that is available on Amazon now! 

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