Break Free with Tosin’s Book

Break Free with Tosin’s Book

Last year Tosin published his second book Time 2 Break Free. Find out what is the book about in the video below.

The book is based on 7 key leadership principles around:

  1. Mindset – Understanding how your mind works and Acquiring and adopting the right mindset to deliver success
  2. Values – Know what really drives you and commit and align your life to it
  3. Success – what do you want? Define and achieve it using the 7 steps to long- lasting success
  4. Emotions – Identify what is holding you back and release it. Learning to let go of all negative emotions in the moment
  5. Purpose – Awaken your Divine Birth Right and Truly understanding and becoming Aware of what your life purpose is really all about
  6. Laws – Your Universe and our very existence is governed by laws. Discover the 8 Natural Laws of the Universe
  7. Identity – who are you? Eradicate the negative labels you or others have called you or identified you by and create a new masterpiece of who you really want to become.

This book will help you learn:

  • How to heal and express your emotions in the moment
  • How to discover what your true purpose in life really is
  • How to set goals and consistently achieve them
  • How to manage your emotions by acknowledging, accepting and appreciating the past for what it truly is
  • How to live your life on your own terms without needing any external validation
  • How your mind works and how you create meaning from everything in your environment and how to take charge of your mind and therefore your results
  • How to incorporate the 8 Natural Laws of the Universe into your life so it works more easily, effectively and effortlessly

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