What are your personal values?

“Without Values there is confusion and chaos. When Values disintegrates, everything disintegrates. Health disintegrates. Poverty attains dominance over affluence, societies and civilisations crumble. When we pay attention to these values that society has always held sacred, then order emerges out of chaos, and the field of pure potentiality inside us becomes all-powerful, creating anything it desires.”

Deepak Chopra

What are values? Your values are your drivers in life. It’s your mental map of how you view yourself, people, and the world at large. It’s what is really important to you. Values predict your behaviours.

To find out someone’s value, watch and listen to them, pay attention to what excites them and what changes their state to one of interest and curiosity. What do they pay attention to? The same goes for you, just observer yourself and you can clearly see what it is that you really value.

If you want to change your behaviour, then you have to change your values. It’s just that simple.

Why is knowing your values important? It’s vital because everything we do is the result of what we value. If we can identify the order of values as they related to certain areas of our lives like spirituality, career and finance, personal development, health and fitness, family and relationship. Then we can predict behaviour. More importantly, if we can organise our values in order of importance, in exactly the way we want it, we’ll have an even better chance of creating a life by design.

I personally believe you should know what your top 5 values are in all areas of life. Personally, I have broken down my areas of life into 6 parts – spirituality, career and finance, personal development, relationship, health and fitness and family. Perhaps you want to break it up into 8 areas or 12 areas, it doesn’t matter the principle is still exactly the same. I have 6 areas to mine and others have 8 areas broken down as spiritual and emotional, communicational and cultural, physical and health, intellectual and educational, recreation social, financial and wealth, professional and career and family and home, and some people have 12 areas.

Anyway, knowing your values is very important because then you can set goals, find your life purpose and make career decisions in alignment with your values.

When your values are aligned with your goals, life purpose, and career choices then that is what I call a marriage made in heaven.

We already know that values are what, is really important to you in a particular context, for example career or health and fitness.

So, what are values specifically? They are usually short words or phrases that describe a state of being e.g. honesty, integrity, wisdom, vision, people, activities, wildlife, places, feelings, compassion, faith, decisiveness, generosity, fulfilment, passion, respect, love, trust, friendship, empathy, caring, truthfulness, good IQ, vocabulary, make a difference, help, peace, leave a legacy, contribution, fun, quietness, curiosity, discipline, detail, dynamic, diversity, education, wealth, persistent, determination, moderation, popular, cleanliness, accountability, reputation, responsibility, service to others, humble, god honouring, friendly, forgiveness, competitive, creative, analytical energetic, fair, joyful, patient, pride, proficiency, faithful, charming, uncompromising, wealthy, financially free, competent, fun-loving, hope, enthusiastic, cultured, organised, family, social, recreation, intellectual growth, fit & healthy, justice, kindness leadership, liberality, kindness, financially independent, leadership, independent, merit, motivational, numbers, order, organisation, originality, participation, challenge, freedom, teamwork, stability, money etc. The list is endless.

The challenge for most people is that your values are unconscious, meaning that they are not readily recognised compared to someone’s attitude or beliefs.

Your core values are even more unconscious than your everyday values.

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