What is Your Connection with Nature?

Recently, I watched a video that was titled: “Only You Can Restore The Climate” by Dr. Amyn Dahya.

It reminded me of what I wrote in my book, “Time To Break Free” about NATURE. It helps to explain what your connection with nature is and hence proof the point that “Only You Can Restore The Climate.”

Here’s an excerpt from my book about NATURE below:

Would you agree that no man or woman is an island all by himself or herself, yes or no?

The reason for this is that no man, woman or company can be successful all by themselves. They all need other people in support of their goals, desires and dreams in order to fulfil it. Now don’t get me wrong, the aspiration and inspiration have to start with you first, 100%, but along that journey in order for you to become truly successful you’re going to need the support of others.

If you observe nature very closely you will see how it interacts brilliantly with all the elements within it including us. It’s a real phenomenon. Hence why, I had to include this information in my book. It is very essential that we take our time to really understand ourselves and as a result you will notice that people around you are essentially the same. Now they might be getting a different result to you, but the fundamental makeup of who they are at their core is essentially the same.

There are 5 elements in nature and all these 5 elements are within you as well. Hence the saying, all you need is within you. From a simple atom to the cosmic universe – Your whole entire body is just a mini cosmos of the universe itself. Let’s explore the 5 elements in nature before I go all, esoteric on you and confuse the hell out of you. My goal here is just to give you a basic understanding of what these elements are and our relationship with them. Here they are:


Water is the first element in nature and 72% of our planet is made up of water according to a mystic from India Sadhguru of the Isha Foundation. Your physical body is also 72% water. Hence why all the nutrition experts say, drink lots of water because just like a river you have to keep the water in your body flowing otherwise it becomes stagnate like a dam. This can cause all sort of issues in your physical body and water is essential for the distribution of nutrients to your body, for blood circulation and for your digestive systems to function properly.


Earth is the second element in nature and 12% of our planet is made up of earth from the same source above. Our own physical body is 12% earth. Your skin is the limitation of your body or boundaries of your physical body – And all it is, is pure dust, Earth. It is the core element of your physicality and it is one of our greatest limitations if you do not educate yourself as to how it functions. It has become very complex for most people in their lives because they identify with it but how could you not? It’s the body you reside in after all…

3. AIR  

Air is the third element in nature and just 6% of our planet is air. Your physical body also has 6% of air in it. This is a very easy one to grasp as you can all breath – By taking a breath in and a breath out. So, everyone can easily take charge of this one element. It is a very essential element of our lives and you can sometimes take it for granted. If there was an unusual phenomenal that could suck out the air in the atmosphere this very minute, everyone and every living thing on the planet would drop dead instantly. This is how vital the air you and I breath in and out is to all living things on the planet. Pollution is the biggest threat to the air you breath…


Fire is the fourth element in nature and only 4% of our planet is fire. Natural fires in nature could be lightening, volcanoes and bush fires in Australia due to dry weather – Other than man made fires like bombs and missiles. Your physical body also has 4% of fire within it. This is not an element we need to take charge of unless you want to defend yourself from an attack or intentionally burn someone that you perhaps have perceived as harmful to you in some way. And finally …


Space is the fifth element in nature and there is 6% of our planet, which is just pure space, not space as in empty space. In the science of getting rich book, this space that I’m talking about is referred to as, “A thinking stuff, from which all things are made, and which, in its original state, permeates, penetrates, and fills the interspaces of the universe.” You as a physical being also have 6% of space within you. There is no need for you to explore this space unless you are interested in understanding the mystical aspects of life itself.

The first four elements – water, earth, air and fire, are the main ones we should observe closely and fully understand to really strive in society.

When you observe nature, you can clearly see how it interacts with these four elements in complete harmony and synergy. Just as nature, human begins need to interact with each other in a similar fashion because you have all four elements within your makeup.

Every human begin has a unique blend of water, earth, air and fire tendencies or preferences. Your preferences will change from time to time depending on the role you play for example, a parent, a teacher, a manager, a team member, a student, a coach, a customer, a buyer or a seller etc.

Nature or human nature is just a guide for you to interact with others more efficiently and effectively. It’s a representation of the whole not the whole itself.

Here’s the untold truth of the matter your interactions with others on a daily basis affects your environment. What you do and don’t do has an impact in your environment. You are the environment itself. Your nature is just a mini version of the larger environment you live in.

Becoming aware of how you interact with others is vitally important… How you behave, how you treat yourself, how you treat others, how you look after your environment. All of these things will have a dramatic influence on the environment as a whole.

So, over the coming days leading to the 3rd of November (The SHFIT Global Meditation in Antarctic 2019) and beyond. It is imperative that you and we as a collective being raise our level of conscious awareness by sending out positive thoughts towards the restoration of climate change. To be a part of this check out www.amyndahya.com/shift or www.thinkshift.org

You Are Nature and Nature Is You – Therefore nature is your business whether you like it or not – And you and I and we are solely responsible for her restoration. All she has done is provide for us freely and we have exploited her generosity to the brink of her destruction. It’s now time that we all stand up and be counted in playing a part in her restoration. There is great power in unity against a great cause (the restoration of climate change ).

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