Are you telling yourself the right things to achieve your goals?

Are you telling yourself the right things to achieve your goals?

Have you ever felt down, maybe because someone just left you; you have just heard some sad news; you just couldn’t be bothered to do anything; you just had a row with your mother, spouse, partner, girlfriend, best friend etc.? Then you decided to go to the gym, even though you didn’t feel like it, but you dragged yourself along anyway. You start exercising, using the warm up mat to stretch, then the treadmill for running, then the rowing machine to work all those muscles, and then you move on to the dumb bells for a light tone work out. All the while you were listening to your favourite music whilst exercising. Then, you stretch again, use the hot tub, the steam room, have a great shower, and head home feeling much better than you felt before you went to the gym.

So, what really happened there? Moving your whole body differently affected your emotional state, which in turn affected your Mind. The way in which you use your body has a dramatic effect on your emotional state and therefore affects how you think. You see, people don’t get depressed, they “do” depression by the way they use their bodies. If you were feeling low and down and you were to play your favourite music and begin to dance, I guarantee you will feel better instantly. Or if you watch your favourite comedy show which gets you laughing to the point of tears, this will instantly alter your state, which will in turn affect your thinking.

As human beings there are only six things you and I can do in our minds and that is: we can hear sounds, we can see things, we can feel feelings, we can taste things, we can smell things and we can talk to ourselves, an internal dialogue. This is how your mind works!

Communication Model

An event happens, we take in the information through our five senses. We then filter the information by deleting, distorting, and generalising the information based on our conditioning, i.e. our values, beliefs, memories, past experiences, etc.

After which, we create an I.R, internal representation, or what is known as an internal re-presentation of the external event. This is the point where we give the event a meaning, what it really means to us. The meaning, good, bad or indifferent will affect our emotional state, which in turn will affect our body. Our body is the medium for expressing our emotions. This is the point where we decide upon what we are going to do because of the meaning we’ve created and what the decision is going to be. Then, we act with our physical body based on the decision we have made and when we take action, we get a result.

If you are not happy with the result you are getting, through using NLP, we can help you to change it. Since the I.R you have created is not real, then NLP can assist you in creating a different I.R. Thereby creating a different meaning to the same event, which will in turn make you feel better and allow you to use your body differently to create a different behaviour, which will in turn get you a different result.
I mean think about it, if you and I cannot truly comprehend or process all the things that are happening around us and we are deleting 99% of what is actually there, and we are only left with 1% of what we call reality, then whatever we perceive must be a lie. So, I ask you, what lie do you want to believe? The one that will disempower you and leave you stuck and rigid in your behaviour or the one that will empower you and give you movement and greater flexibility in your behaviour. Which one? You choose!

Intro to Empowerment Coaching Certification Training

You probably know I run the 7 days Empowerment Coaching Certification Training which is a 2 in 1 certification – NLP Practitioner Certification & Healing Your Emotional Trail Certification. This year I am going to run this training in Romania and in Australia.

However, I know you might be too busy to spend 7 days in a classroom. Or perhaps you just like to learn in your own time, or you prefer the comfort of your own home. I have a solution for you too! This year I released my new NLP Home Study Program – Online Empowerment Coaching Certification Training and you get get it for a special promotion price of just  £99! What will you get?

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