We are in the UK and in Czech Republic now!

We have a big announcement to make – we have launched our business also in the Czech Republic now!

As you know, our base has always been the UK, especially London area, though we travel around the whole UK including Scotland and Wales. And we have been international as well – we have done events in Ukraine, Romania, Singapore, Australia etc.

Now, we have launched our business in the Czech Republic as well. So, from now on we offer regular team building events and face to face executive coaching even on the Czech market. However, do not worry, you will still see us a lot in the UK and around the whole world.


So, what can we offer to our clients in the Czech Republic, especially in the capital Prague:

  • Team building events – tailored for each client
  • Executive coaching
  • Coaching for team members
  • Public speaking workshops
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming coaching
  • Phobia cures and other NLP techniques

If you would like to inquire about our services we offer in the Czech Republic please fill in the form below or send us an email info@mpowerment.co.uk . And please connect on LinkedIn as well!

The Sky is not the limit, your MIND is!


Often you here the saying that, “The Sky is the limit,” I beg to differ, “The Sky is not the limit, your Mind is!”

Think about this word, “Mind-Set” what does it really mean? It means setting your mind or re-setting your mind everyday to achieve your desired outcome or goals.

The question I often ask company owners, managers and team leaders is firstly what type of mind-set are you operating with and what type of mind-set are your team members operating with?

If you think of your mind as an operating system how often do you upgrade it? How often do you clean it up, meaning how often do you get rid of your junk mail or thrash box?

As a leader of people your job is to provide them with the tools that would allow your team to self-regulate, inspire and motive themselves to delivery results every time… And in order to do that you and your team need to have an in depth understand of how your mind works and know how to upgrade and install new software to create new habits that would allow you to perform at your optimum best and delete old unwanted habits and emotions that no longer serves you.

This is the process of adopting a growth mind-set versus a fixed mind-set. As human beings we are designed to grow and evolve and that requires re-setting your mind daily for success.

So you see your mind is truly the limit – Get a handle of it and you become a master of your own destiny.

Here is my solution to help you develop a great mind-set it’s called the, “BRREAKTHROUGH YOUR P.A.N.E. FORMULA.”

This is all about adopting a growth mind-set so that you can continue to evolve and experience more of what life has to offer…


The P is the very first place to start – Let me ask you this question, what has to happen in order for you to begin to communicate with yourself?

Obviously, an event has to occur outside the boundaries you call your body and as you experience this external event you immediately begin to process/evaluate it in your mind. This is what I call, Private-Dialogue or something known as self-talk.

Now there are two distinctive voices in your head one overly critical and the other could be described as overly supportive. The question is which one rules you? Your, critical inner-voice or your supportive, inner-voice?

The challenge here is most people do not understand the inner workings of the mind therefore the Succumb to their critical inner-voice and drown out the supportive inner-voice.

The result of this is in-congruence, inner turmoil and inner conflict with themselves.

What is communication made up of? I will tell you, your communication is a composite of your body language, tonality and the words you use. Even though your body language makes up 55% of your communication and 38% and 7% makes up the other two respectively. You can see that 93% of your communication is non-verbal, so even when you are saying nothing at all you are actually saying a lot.

The key here is to make sure that your body language, tonality and words that you use are all in sync and that is what is know as speaking your authentic truth.



The next point in P.A.N.E. is the A and for me it’s an absolute must if you really want to be successful in life.

What am I talking about? I’m talking about, “ASSUMPTIONS” what are assumptions?  Assumptions are simply BELIEFS that you hold to be true.

So, what’s a belief? A belief is a feeling of absolute certainty about yourself, others and the world around you.

The primary key to your success is a bulletproof belief in your self-worth and your own abilities.

I believe it was Henry Ford, who said, “If you believe you can and; If you believe you can’t you are right.”

The irony is you and I live in a world of uncertainty and yet we have to act as if we have certainty in order to get what we want.

It’s all a self-fulfilling prophecy if you ask me… What is a self-fulfilling prophecy I hear you ask?

A self-fulfilling prophecy is an expectation or prediction that is initially false (remember that later), which initiates a series of events that cause the original expectation or prediction to come true.

According to Robert K Merton a self-fulfilling prophecy or an assumption (belief) has 3 distinct phases:

  1. You have a belief in something (false at the time it is held).
  2. You behave in a way you would not have normally done in the absence of that (false) belief in your mind… And finally phase three
  3. The behaviours displayed in phase two actually create a series of events, which make the belief then become true.


Now this works whether you have a positive or negative self-fulfilling prophecy about yourself, others or the planet.

So, what you need to explore here is, what do you belief and is your belief serving you by moving you in the right direction or is it holding you back from expressing and being your true self?

Adopt a positive approach to life and create good assumptions of yourself in all areas of your life. And finally:


Now it’s great to talk the talk and walk the walk, its also imperative that you belief in yourself and create the right assumptions but all of that is useless if you can’t build rapport and interact with others.

Would you agree that no man or woman is an ISLAND all by themselves, Yes or No?

The reason for this is that no man, woman or company can be successful all by themselves… They all need other people in support of their goals, desires and dreams in other to fulfill it. Now don’t get me wrong, the aspiration has to start with you first 100% but along that journey in order for you to become truly successful you’re going to need others.

If you observe nature very closely you will see how it interacts brilliantly with all the elements within it including us. It’s a real phenomenon. Hence why, TETRAMAP likened human beings to the main elements of the Universe such as:

  1. EARTH – Like a mountain is firm

Bold and sturdy, Earth Elements are confident in their approach. They know what they want and for what purpose. Earths have done their homework, are risk-takers and can make decisions quickly.

  1. AIR – Like the wind is clear

These orderly and focused individuals rely on their abilities to analyse and measure. Air Elements check for quality, information, and guarantees. Leave it to Airs to read service manuals and check product or guarantee specifications.

  1. WATER – Like a lake is calm

Friendly and consistent Water Elements care about relationships and people. These feeling individuals respond to trust-worthy service and being listened to. Loyalty, once earned is secure.

  1. FIRE – Like the sun is bright

Looking at the positive side of life with energy and enthusiasm, Fire Elements love variety, exploring possibilities and fun! They look to the future for brightness and respond well to informal, interested approaches.

They say under stress you have a primary element at your core, which is the one that dictates how you respond – So the question is which one are you (Earth, Air, Water or Fire)?

The goal here is to establish what primary element you are and to figure out how to adapt your behaviour so you can interact better with all the other elements just like nature does.

This is not just essential in your personal lives but it’s equally if not more crucial when working with your teams.

So, what is a company and what is the culture within that company?

For me both answers to the above question are the “PEOPLE” within that company as they represent the company, it’s culture and it’s brand.

I’m sure you will agree with me that understanding and adapting your natural nature; is essential and a vital necessity in creating the right culture within your businesses.



The final piece of the puzzle for acquiring an evolving mind-set is to continually strive to expand your comfort zone by daring yourself to do something you’ve never done before – I call this act, “EMPOWERMENT!”

I believe every single one of us has been endowed with the gift of empowerment. So, what is empowerment really? Empowerment is the green light, the go ahead, the permission or license to grow and expand.

Too often most people are waiting for other people to validate them before they can do what they need and ought to do in the first place… Perhaps you are one of those people needing validation before you can act.

The truth is you have already been empowered by birth – So, just give yourself permission to do the things you want to do and get on with it.

So, how do you empower yourself?

There are several ways in which you can empower yourself:

  1. Do something you’ve never done before…
  2. Take a on a new challenge every year…
  3. Embark on a new project…
  4. Learn a new language, sport or craft…
  5. Travel to a new destination and meet met new cultures yearly…
  6. Adopt the C.A.N.I. mantra (Constant And Never-ending Improvement) of yourself.


Any of these activities above will allow you to become aware of valuable resources within yourself that you never thought you had…

We empower you by taking you through our empowerment activities known as, “BRAG & F” that is, Board Breaking with your bare hands un-harmed, Re-Bar Bending with the soft part of your throat with a partner or buddy, Arrow Breaking with the soft part of your throat, Glass-walking with your bare foot and finally Fire-walking with your bare foo, walking over hot embers of coals measuring 500 – 1,500 Degrees Fahrenheit.

So, there you have it, PRIVATE-DIALOGE, ASSUMPTIONS, NATURE and EMPOWERMENT. The tools, tactics and strategies to discovering and understanding how your mind works – In order to manage your emotional state and develop a growth mind-set.

Get in touch with us if you would like your team and organisation to go through our Mind-set workshop. This could be done as a half-day or a full day workshop. It’s very interactive and practical not just head knowledge. The delegates get an experiential experience from the day.


Check out our website: www.mpowerment.co.uk or contact us at info@mpowerment.co.uk.





Do you provide value for your clients and customers?

How do you provide this value?

Do you go the extra mile?

What’s your intention for providing value is it truly to give or to receive?

When I honestly reflected on this topic… I recalled a couple of memories in the past, where I can honestly and openly say, regrettably that didn’t deliver a 100% value. Don’t get me wrong here, I delivered what they wanted but not a 100%. Now most people would say there is nothing wrong with that at all as long as you deliver the value in the first place. Yes and No!

Let me explain, yes you delivered the value but delivering the value on its on is not enough from an energetic point of view. You need to be totally focus and present in the moment of delivering your value to your customer. You cannot allow or afford for your mind to wonder or drift ahead.

What do I mean? You can’t be doing a job and thinking about the next job or just doing what is required just to get paid and nothing more. You can’t just wonder off to your challenges and problems and not be present on the job.

I would like to jump out on a limp here and say, most people if they are truly honest with them-self, would say, “Sometimes they are focused and present 100% on the value (job) they provide and sometimes they don’t have a 100% attention on the job or value they provide to others.

Delivering value a 100% of the time is the key. It’s not just a 1, 2 or 3 time thing. It’s a continuous way in which we should live our lives.

Most people find it is easy to deliver 100% value when things are going well for them and they are feeling good but when under stress, pressure and desperate, they tend to sometimes lose sight of what’s important.

Do you find yourself doing this too? It’s usually not intentional or conscious. It’s just human nature to think solely of themselves in these situations and no one else. It’s your survival mode that kicks in at these unfortunate moments in our lives.

Rather than losing focus and attention and working absent minded and not really delivering 100% value for your clients and customers. What you need to do instead is acknowledged yourself, assess the situation and compartmentalise it so you’re free to deliver value to your customers without the distractions.

What is delivering a 100% Value? I’m glad you asked. A 100% value is being in the zone, losing track of time, space and being totally present. It also means you go the extra miles. You don’t just deliver what they have requested or paid for you become Halifax and you give extra (If you’re wondering what that is, it’s the Halifax T.V. Ad commercial tag line). Halifax as a building society or Bank gives you extra. You as a provider of services and products must also give your clients and customers extra.

I love the Halifax tag line and I often use it in my business as well, where I tell my clients and customers that I’m like Halifax because I give you extra. But like I said, in some instances on reflection I believe I fell short of the mark and for that I truly apologise to those clients and customers for not delivering a 100% value.

Where are you not delivering a 100% value to your customers? What are the key moments when you do this? Identify them and rectify it by reflecting on it and taking the necessary steps to make changes immediately.

Make sure that in 2018 all of your clients and customers get a 100% value. Give them all you got and a whole lot more. You’d be glad you did.

In closing, here’s what you need to know and remember: Delivering 100% value to your clients and customers must be the only standard (norm) that you live by not the exception.

Make it a healthier, wealthier and happier 2018.

In love and light always!

Tosin Ogunnusi

How Do We Think?

There is a thinking stuff from which all things are made, and which, in its original state, permeates, penetrates, and fills the interspaces of the universe. A though in this substance produces the thing that is imaged by the thought. A person can form things in his thought, and by impressing his thought upon formless substance, can cause the thing he thinks about to be created.
The Science of Getting Rich – Wallce D Wattles


How are harmonious and desirable conditions created? Harmonious and desirable conditions are obtained by, RIGHT thinking.

What is the cause of all discord, disharmony, lack and limitation? Discord, disharmony, lack and limitation are all the result of, WRONG thinking.

So, if you aspire to be successful then you have to change the way you think period.

Remember that every thought you engage in is a CAUSE and every condition is an EFFECT, which you manifest as result of the way in which you have chosen to think. Regardless, of whether you are conscious of it or not.

To improve your thinking and raise your level of vibration and impact, allow me to introduce you to our, “NLP Home Study Program”

This can potentially be the best gift you can give to yourself or any family member or friend this Christmas.

To find out more about our NLP Home Study Program please visit https://mpowerment.sendmedetails.com/nlp

Achieve Your Goals in 2018

Are you already thinking about your goals for 2018?

Do you know what is the no. 1 reason people do not achieve their goals?


If this is true why then do we have some people succeed and others failing? If everyone is designed to better themselves why are some able to do it and others struggling with it? Now these are great questions and the answer is very simple, “It’s the way in which they are using their minds.

There are many tools to improve your mindset, your thinking etc. Some of them are better than others, and some suit certain people better than the others.


However, I would like to introduce you today to NLP. What is NLP?

Neuro Linguistic Programming is the study of human excellence. It was created by discovering the minds of great achievers of this world in areas such as Sports, Communication, Business, and Therapy. The people who discovered NLP uncovered the key things these individuals were doing that made them stand out from the rest of the masses. They then modelled and duplicated these key areas of excellence to produce
similar results.
By learning the basic skills of NLP you will gain an in-depth knowledge and understanding about how you and others work. This will give you greater awareness over your own life and greater influence in your interactions with others. You will get an understanding about how your mind works, what makes you tick, how to focus on your goal and on the positive stuff.

Let’s break down the acronym “NLP” further:

  • Neuro: The nervous system, through which our experience is processed via our five senses.
  • Linguistic: Language and other non-verbal communication systems through which our neural representations are coded, ordered and given meaning.
  • Programming: The ability to discover and utilize the programs that we run (our communication to ourselves and others) in our neurological systems to achieve our specific and desired outcomes.

A good definition of NLP would be: NLP is how to use the language of the mind to consistently achieve our specific and desired outcomes.

Find out more about NLP and how we can help you to achieve your goals in 2018 at https://mpowerment.sendmedetails.com/nlp

Give Yourself an NLP Christmas Gift

Tosin gift.pngNeuro-Linguistic Programming is the study of human excellence. It was created as a way of identifying how people were able to excel in various fields – business, therapy, sports, communication and many others. By discovering how the minds of great achievers were working, the creators of NLP – and the many pioneers that have followed, have uncovered many of the structures of human excellence. By Learning and duplicating these structures in your own life, you will be able to significantly increase your personal and professional effectiveness. We live in a world of amazing technological innovations, yet many of us know very little about how we, as human beings, work.

Why Learn NLP?
NLP has many applications; our training is designed to en-hance both your personal and professional life. NLP is well known for its many change techniques enabling you to un-derstand what you really want and overcome the specific fears and obstacles that may be standing in your way. By becoming qualified in NLP you will also become proficient in helping yourself and others resolve such issues and de-sign a future that is both compelling and achievable.
Most people feel that the most significant benefits of NLP are in the professional arena, from increased skills in communications, managing, influencing and teamwork, to entrepreneurial skills and increased effectiveness for small business owners and the self employed.

NLP Practitioner training can take anything between 5 to 7 days, at the end you get certified as an NLP Practitioner. However, a lot of people are just looking for some tips and techniques they can apply in their current career, such as:

  • Building rapport with a customer
  • Improving sales techniques
  • Positive mindset
  • Goals setting
  • Weight loss
  • Eating less cake
  • Phobia cure
  • Dealing with negative emotions from the past
  • And many more….

For these cases we have our NLP Home Study Program where you can study just the bits you want, in your own time, but still with our email and online support!

And this Christmas we have almost 80% discount for you – Get your NLP Home Study Program for just £99!

What will you get:

  • 297 pages manual
  • A test paper
  • 14 videos (technique demonstrations)
  • 16 audio discs
  • Facebook Support group
  • Email Support

Xmas NLP.png

9 Practical Benefits of NLP

For many years I had studied personal developments and self help, with mixed results. Since discovering and mastering NLP the results in my business, coaching, and relationship have been amazing and most of all I have personally grown beyond all recognition.

Now a lot has been written and said about the benefits of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), so rather than bore you with what NLP is all about, let me share with you some the top 10 benefits you can be sure to enjoy once you attend an NLP Practitioner Training:

  1. Improving Team Moral
  2. Improving Sales Performance
  3. Developing Great Negotiation Skills
  4. Becoming A Goal Achiever
  5. Becoming A Super Networker
  6. Building Strong Long-Lasting Relationships
  7. Mastering the Art of Decision Making
  8. Generate Strong Persuasive Skills
  9. Understanding You


1. Improving Team Moral

Connection is the key to human interaction and evolvement. Connect yourself and your team together in such a deep way that builds strong bonds and allows them to access other resourceful states.

2. Improving Sales Performance

Your ability to sell your product and services will be the one deciding factor as to whether you survive in business – The same goes fro your team.  Learn how to convince anyone who wants what you sell to take up your offer… And more importantly become bullet proof to the most common objections you hear in life.

3. Developing Great Negotiation Skills

Learn a really quick, simple process that would enable you to establish a win, win, scenario in all your dealings with teams, clients and suppliers alike.

Discover how you can even get people who disagree with you to hear you out.

4. Become A Goal Achiever

Firstly, identify what your “WHY,” is and then learn a simple strategy for setting goals that makes it real for you. I’m sure you would agree with me that it is much easier to get what you want if you know what you want?

5. Become A Super Networker

Develop an attitude that other people want to be around – And crucially, want to do business with. Become a connecter of people that’s what real Networking is all about… Connecting people together! Learn valuable skills in reading and understanding peoples’ cues and use them to your advantage. Get people to instantly like you by building rapport with them within 5-10secs of meeting them.

6. Building Strong Long-Lasting Relationships

The bedrock of a great marriage, business, or friendship is a solid and positive relationship. You will learn how to turn your dealings with others into a positive and meaningful relationship.

7. Mastering the Art of Decision Making

This is a really good one. Most people in society or perhaps you also avoid making decisions because they or yourself wrongly think making decisions is painful… But the truth is the pain is in the indecision of not making one!

And the reason for this hesitation is because most people or yourself want your decisions to be the right one… Don’t you?

You see, it’s not about making right decisions but it’s about making your decisions right.

When you make a decision and it all goes wrong, guess what? You learn something and when you make a decision and it all goes right, guess what? You learn something. So, it doesn’t matter either way you learn something, so hear you will learn how to master the art of making decisions quickly like a champion.

8. Generate Strong Persuasive Skills

To become a real influencer in your home, business and social settings or gatherings you need to learn the skills of Persuasion. It will make you standout and be counted by your peer group. They will see you as a leader.

9. Understanding Yourself

Who are you? Become consciously aware about yourself, what motivates you, what makes you tick – And discover how you can have an unstoppable confidence in all situations you find yourself in.


So, they you have it… 9 Practical uses of NLP to help you in life and in business.

I hope you have enjoyed it, please feel free to provide any comments of feedback about this piece and also ask us any questions you might have relating to NLP specially?

If you would like to know more about NLP or perhaps you would like to do a live training leaning the skill of NLP then check out our website:

www.mpowerment.co.uk or email us at: infor@mpowerment.co.uk


Tosin Ogunnusi

Founder of Mpowerment

Business Women Networking

On Thursday morning we had the pleasure to be a part of Norwich Business Womans Network run by Denise Bretton. To find out more about their monthly meetings please visit their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/TheBusinessWomansNetwork/ . In Norwich, they meet once a month in Caistor Hall.

Tosin shared with the participants a bit about human nature, how to find out what your nature is and how to build rapport with customers based on your nature and their nature.

We had 2 very interactive hours full of great learning and fun. This was not the first time Tosin was a speaker at this women’s networking event, in past he spoke about public speaking and mindset. We hope to be back at Norwich Business Womans Network next year again.


Glasswalk as an Empowerment Activity

As you know we provide our clients with an option of 5 different empowerment activities – Board break, Re-bar bend, Arrow break, Firewalk and Glasswalk. First four are relatively high energy activities where we aim to get the participants to high energy state which involves energizing music, power moves, jumping, cheering etc. And this is what differentiates glasswalk from the other four activities – glasswalk is a very calm activity that is performed almost in a meditative state.


What is “glasswalk”?

Glasswalk is walking on pieces of broken glass bottles (wine bottles, beer bottles etc.) with your bare feet.

What occasion is glasswalk suitable for?

Glasswalk is suitable for smaller group for up to 50 participants. It is great for team building events, trainings and seminars.

Where can a glasswalk activity be run?

Anywhere where is space for it. We come with all the equipment we need and we clear up once we are finish. Any kind of floor or outside surface is ok – wooden floor, carpet, grass, gravel, as we lay sheets on it and the glass comes on top of it all.

Can I get hurt doing a glasswalk?

There is a risk doing all empowerment activities, just like there is a risk of injury when you play sports. However in the many years of doing glasswalk we could count all the little, tiny cuts on fingers of one hand. And those were injuries that just needed a plaster, nothing serious.

How long does the glasswalk take?

It depends on number of participants. However 30 people can complete glasswalk in roughly 2 hours.

What should I consider while thinking about including glasswalk in my event?

You should think about how many participants you have, what kind of energy and outcome are you looking for and how much time you have.


Should you be considering glasswalk for your event, please get in touch at info@mpowerment.co.uk


Glasswalk for NLP Master Practitioners

On Tuesday we had the pleasure to be a part of David Key’s NLP Master Practitioner & Master Hypnotherapist training. I think it is amazing when trainers decide to spice up their seminars by adding something special, like an empowerment activity.


This was the 2nd time we did a glasswalk for attendees of David’s training, we did one last year in November as well.

Glasswalk is a calm, more spiritual like activity, so it is suitable for specific kind of events and seminars, and I think it is a really good match for any NLP training.


This time glasswalk was a “cherry on the cake” of the first five days of this training. Participants were amazing, they all took this unique opportunity to get this special, often once in a lifetime experience. And I think we can say that everyone enjoyed our afternoon glasswalking session.


If you would like to read a bit more about glasswalking then watch out for our tomorrow’s blog post!