What’s All The Fuss About Empowerment Activities?

Attention All Speakers, Coaches, Consultants and Business Owners, would you like to fill your events? Make it memorable? And influence more of your audiences to take action on your message, strategies, tools and tactics? If you answered ‘YES’ to any of the questions above then this “SPECIAL BLOG POST” is definitely a must read…! It’s … Continue reading What’s All The Fuss About Empowerment Activities?

Easy Software Empowerment Day

On 25th April 2018 we run an Empowerment day for Easy Software company that got its implementation center in Prague, the Czech Republic. Easy Sofware is a provide of Easy Project, Easy Redmine and Calculoid products. Their mission is to make everyday life of software users easier and more convenient using professional tools with visual … Continue reading Easy Software Empowerment Day

Are Your Shoes L.A.C.E.D Up Properly?

It's no secret that if your shoes are not L.A.C.E.D. up properly you have a tendency to trip over them and sometimes cause serious injury to yourself and in some cases others around you... According to his Holiness the Dalai Lama, in order to change, you will have to be, “L.A.C.E.D.” up properly. Now what … Continue reading Are Your Shoes L.A.C.E.D Up Properly?

Glasswalk as an Empowerment Activity

As you know we provide our clients with an option of 5 different empowerment activities - Board break, Re-bar bend, Arrow break, Firewalk and Glasswalk. First four are relatively high energy activities where we aim to get the participants to high energy state which involves energizing music, power moves, jumping, cheering etc. And this is … Continue reading Glasswalk as an Empowerment Activity

Glasswalk for NLP Master Practitioners

On Tuesday we had the pleasure to be a part of David Key's NLP Master Practitioner & Master Hypnotherapist training. I think it is amazing when trainers decide to spice up their seminars by adding something special, like an empowerment activity. This was the 2nd time we did a glasswalk for attendees of David's training, … Continue reading Glasswalk for NLP Master Practitioners

Body Transformation Seminar Video

As you know, earlier this month we were part of Irina Alionte's Body Transformation Seminar in Bucharest, Romania. Today we are bringing you a short video from the event. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WwJClwhZFn0&feature=youtu.be    


What is it Firewalking? It’s walking over hot embers of coals that is measuring anything from 500-2500 degrees Fahrenheit and your average oven is about 200 degrees and you can’t even touch it when it’s hot let alone walk over it. This is not for the faint hearted it is a real challenge for the … Continue reading Firewalking

Firewalk for Hallmark Care Homes

On Tuesday 24th Oct we had the pleasure to be a part of Hallmark Care Homes Empowerment Day for their team members. We have been working with Hallmark Care Homes for several years and each event we do together is fun, enjoyable and I think I can say that we keep learning new things from … Continue reading Firewalk for Hallmark Care Homes

Firewalk as a Team Building Activity

What is firewalking? Embrace yourself for an experience of a life time - You cannot be told about how this feels, you simply have to experience it for yourself - Walk barefoot across a bed of burning hot coals measuring up to 1500° with Tosin Firewalker Ogunnusi and his team. You'll learn to turn you … Continue reading Firewalk as a Team Building Activity