Happy Customers

I went on the T2BF weekend bootcamp not knowing what I would get out of it. Having done quite alot of personal development I really wanted to push myself in a new direction to achievec specific goals.The programme was packed with excellent content. The physical tasks like arrow breaking were outstanding for creating new patterns of thinking , for me this has definitely been life changing. I struggled to shift old beliefs in some areas of my life that were holding me back, I have been blown away by the impact this course has had on me and genuinely feel very lucky to have been apart of it. I couldn’t recommend it enough to people who want to create change in their lives!

Elaine Philpot

I thank you both so much for a fantastic weekend that was so well timed in my life. Big changes have been made in my life since my visit I’m constantly listening to motivational recordings, who i am Incantation (still working on it), clarity in my decisions, focus, goal settings, i know where im going in my relationship to name a few and three days ago was the last day i inhaled cigarette smoke and since then only clean air! YES YES YES! I will beat that shit!!! Mind adjusting, positive focused energy!! Loving it.

Scott Walker

Spent a magic energizing one hour in the company of Tosin in Bucharest and I have to say it was totally worth it! Thank you Tosin for saying the truth out loud and for offering me a glimpse of what I am because I believe in myself!

Gabriela Galatanu

If you are ready to take things to the next level and make the most of ‘YOU’ while raising your awareness of others and that which is, or ‘isn’t’, going on around you, Tosin is your man! If you want to feel more confident and have a better understanding of your world Tosin will show you the way. . . .but only ‘you’ CAN DO IT!

Nicole Rivett

Impactful, Energizing ,Empowering beyond words….
I knew I was ready for the next step of self development, But the way Tosin helped us understand NLP and then the HYET process, it has propelled me on the perfect path with amazing intensity.
Thank you very much Tosin and Anna for sharing your gift of inner wisdom and light to help me achieve my goals!

Shilpa Chitnis

My daughter Sarah, who is 14, has been scared of spiders for many years. More recently, she’s become afraid of needles, so much so that she wouldn’t have her meningitis, polio etc vaccination, either at school or at the clinic. Being a non-practicing NLP Practitioner, I knew that what she needed was a Fast Phobia Cure. We went to see Tosin Ogunnusi at Mpowerment, who spent less than a couple of hours with Sarah, first getting to know her a bit. When he thought she was ready, we simulated her having an injection with a real needle (no, we did not puncture her skin) and she was perfectly calm whereas before, she would have been hysterical at the sight of the needle. She also let a spider walk up her sleeve, which again would have been impossible before. In fact, I used to hear loud screaming in the house every so often and knew that there would be a spider in the room that Sarah was in, with Sarah frozen as far away from it as possible. I’m absolutely thrilled with the result and am taking Sarah for her vaccination next week. Thank you so much, Tosin. I can wholeheartedly recommend Tosin to anyone with a phobia that they want to get rid of

Insa Winkelbrandt

Tosin and Anna! Wow, say now more. So much energy and believe in what they deliver this reflects in their teachings. I always wonder what more I can learn from what Tosin teaches and guess what, it’s a good thing to wonder! My reason for attending the event was because well, how could I not! I always leave Tosin and Anna’s events feeling like I know myself and understand myself more as a person and that’s a great feeling. Wouldn’t you agree? If like me you want to feel awesome attend the event

Shona Britton Mc-Leod

I’ve just finished the two day T2BF Bootcamp and just want to say how amazing it is. I’ve been to a lot of personal development courses, and this one was by far the best! I genuinely feel like it has helped me break through the stress and worry that comes with running a business. I’ve hit the track running this week and closed two new clients in two days – meaning the course has already paid for itself many times over! I’ll certainly be coming on the next one in May 2017.

Marcus Hemsley