Coaching & Mentoring
Get one-to-one live or online coaching with Tosin in various areas of your personal life, or business career - Mindset, Book writing, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Public Speaking, Presentation Skills, Relationships, and many more. 
Certification Training
Join one of our certifications trainings to obtain skills and knowledge in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Public Speaking & Presentation Skills and Mindset. Our seminars are currently run online via Zoom, making it even easier to join. 
Team building
We improve performance through teamwork! Our unique team building experience includes fun activities, learnings and some of the empowerment activities, such as board break, arrow break, re-bar bend, firewalk or glass walking.

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Our coaching and mentoring programs are tailored to our client's need. You can choose from variety of fields you would like to be coached in, as well as the period length and intensity. Here are some of the topics you can be coached and mentored in:
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • ​Public Speaking & Presentation Skills
  • ​Book writing
  • ​Mindset
  • ​...and many more

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Get certified in one of the following fields through one of our certification trainings which are currently run virtually. This can be also combined with coaching and mentoring.

Empowerment Coaching Certification Program

  • 2 in 1 certification: Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner Certification and Empowerment Coach Certification
  • This training is for you if you're looking to increase the performance and productivity of your workforce, take your coaching business to the next level or a have a significant breakthrough in your own life.
  • ​The training can be run as an event for corporate staff, a small group of individuals or a mixture of both. We have helped staff from a range of national firms, such as AVIVA, O2, the FA and Thames Water . Our individual delegates come from all walks of life, including teachers, HR professionals, coaches, youth workers and business owners.
  • Click here to see what our delegates got to say about this training

Speaking & Presenting with IMPACT

Learn how to:
1.  Speak and present with impact 
2.  Structure your talk and presentation 
3.  Engage you audience
  • Speaking with I.M.P.A.C.T. & Ease - You’ll engage in group exercises to embed the learning. You will expand your knowledge of speaking and presenting skills that all top professional speakers use globally. By the end of this model you will know how to deliver your message with real IMPACT and ease.
  • D.K.N.Y. Expert Positioning System - You’ll learn how to craft your first 10 - 15 minutes of your presentation. Your first few seconds and minutes on stage are very important in terms of what you do and what you say, so you can grab your audience attention from the word go and have them keen and interested in what you have to say.
  • The (W) 4 Mat Formula - You’ll learn how to structure your talk, presentation, workshop or seminar so all learning style of your audience is covered. This means you’ll have the design to create a profitable speaking business that’s marketable to the masses.
  • Create & Deliver Your Content like a S.H.A.R.K. - Once you’ve identified what your, “Unique Identity Framework” is you will now learn how to expand on each point within your solution framework. Mastering this model would really put you at the top of your game when it comes to Speaking & Presenting with IMPACT!
  • Unique Identity Framework S.P.R.I.E.S.T. - Creation Blueprint You’ll discover how to position yourself as an expert by having your own solution framework for your audience to follow. This step by step solution framework could become the foundation for your Audio product, your video product or even you very own published book. It could also become your 1, 2, 3 or 4 days seminar or training event. Every successful entrepreneur that we look up to and learn from, all created a “Unique Identity Framework” by which they are renowned for and know by e.g. Robert Kiyosaki who wrote the famous book, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” his Unique Identity Framework is the four quadrants E, S, B and I (Employee, Self Employed, Big Business and Investment). 
  • ​The Climax Expert Positioning Storytelling Process - As a professional speaker you are not just informing you’re audience, you’re transforming them from the inside out by engaging them at a deeper level. Here you will learn to make a point and tell a story or tell a story and make a point. You have to start to consider yourself as an entertainer because that’s what you are. Someone who can inspire, motivate and entertain his audience through the magical arts of story telling.

Empowerment Activities Instructor Training

  • Spice up your events with empowerment activities. Take your audience through any of these activities to create even a bigger impact:  Board break, Re-bar bend, Arrow break, Firewalk and Glass walking.
  • This training covers 5 main areas:
  • 1. Create the right mindset for yourself and your audience
  • 2. What supplies and materials do you need
  • 3. Learn how to perform the 5 empowerment activities safely
  • 4. Improve your presentation skills to shine on the stage
  • 5. Promote and market yourself using social media and associations with other organisations

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Empower Your T.E.A.M – Together Everyone Achieves More. They do not care how much you know until they know how much you care! Provide your team with an unforgettable experience.
How does it work? We create a team building experience tailored to your needs and wishes. 
We also provide the experience of any of the empowerment activities at your seminars or conferences to make your event one to remember.

Board Break

Do you really want to know how powerful you mind is? Then step up and take this challenge. Here we take the whole board breaking experience to a new level. Break the board with no force at all, just your pure energy power flowing through you – This will blow you away as you stand in awe of how easy it is to channel your energy force within you. Afterwards the broken board is yours to keep as a reminder of how sheer intent and your mind’s power are capable to slash such a strong piece of wood.


The Unique Fire Walk Experience:Embrace yourself for an experience of a life time – You cannot be told about how this feels, you simply have to experience it for yourself – Walk barefoot across a 15ft bed of burning hot coals measuring 1500° with Tosin Firewalker Ogunnusi and his team. You’ll learn to turn you fear state into unstoppable power to overcome any obstacles and challenges, thereby achieving immense results beyond your wildest dreams.

Re-bar bending

This is the ultimate test for those wishing to attain new heights in their personal growth and faiths to attain excellence in everything there do. Here you will be pushed to the limits, a bit like life itself sometimes.   Only a 100% commitment will do, any less and you will fall short of the mark! Step up only when you are ready to really change your life. You will learn to bend metal bars that are used to re-enforce concrete in constructions solely with the power of your focus and total concentrated effort.

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Activities here, and we will get in touch
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