Team Building

Spice Up Your Events! Create the most unforgettable Team building experience for your team!

Make your event extraordinary with Bar bending, Board breaking, Glass walking, Fire walking and Arrow breaking.

The transformation of your event into an amazing life experience is one call away.

Your event is important. You’ll want to make it a great success, one that everyone finds enjoyable, stimulating and memorable. You can achieve that with us.

We add truly outstanding sessions that are different, dynamic and definitely memorable.

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Your most important asset is your staff – are you using their full potential? Could your business benefit from a better, stronger, more inspired team?

Mpowerment Ltd. are passionate about people development. We create unique and memorable team building events designed to motivate and empower your staff.




Fire walking

The Unique Fire Walk Experience:
Embrace yourself for an experience of a life time – You cannot be told about how this feels, you simply have to experience it for yourself – Walk barefoot across a 15ft bed of burning hot coals measuring 1500° with Tosin Firewalker Ogunnusi and his team. You’ll learn to turn you fear state into unstoppable power to overcome any obstacles and challenges, thereby achieving immense results beyond your wildest dreams.

Then the Ultimate Fire Walk Experience will change the way you approach your life. By facing your fears and achieving something against the odds of regular physics and common sense. You are defying the odds and winning. You are challenging all the ancient paradigms in your head that tells you, you can’t do something but with us, you learn that you CAN!


Glass walking

Take a leap of faith and take a walk with a difference and experience a whole new state you seldom evoke within yourself. Walking over broken wine and beer bottles is a truly remarkable and mind blowing experience. If this doesn’t awaken the spirit within you I don’t know what else will!


Bar Bending

This is the ultimate test for those wishing to attain new heights in their personal growth and faiths to attain excellence in everything there do. Here you will be pushed to the limits, a bit like life itself sometimes.

Only a 100% commitment will do, any less and you will fall short of the mark! Step up only when you are ready to really change your life. You will learn to bend metal bars that are used to re-enforce concrete in constructions solely with the power of your focus and total concentrated effort.

Board Breaking

Do you really want to know how powerful you mind is? Then step up and take this challenge. Here we take the whole board breaking experience to a new level. Break the board with no force at all, just your pure energy power flowing through you – This will blow you away as you stand in awe of how easy it is to channel your energy force within you. Afterwards the broken board is yours to keep as a reminder of how sheer intent and your mind’s power are capable to slash such a strong piece of wood.

Attending a fun-packed interactive, high energetic seminar with plenty of role-plays in a lovingly supportive environment that will leave you with an experience you won’t forget, in a lovingly supportive environment.

The ideas in this powerful seminar are based on the premise that we were all Born Rich with Unlimited Power and Resources inside ourselves. The Board Break as been designed specifically to unlock our inner consciousness or release ourselves from our own mental prison and achieve Health, Wealth and Happiness in whatever form we desire it.


Arrow Breaking

William Tell with a difference; rather than shooting an arrow at an apple you will place the point of the arrow against your throat and push so hard against something rock solid so that the arrow will snap into pieces. Why? Because it’s not what you do everyday is it? Why else? Because it will elevate your mind to a new level of what you can achieve if you step up and persevere.



Every team building event is designed to meet your goals, your aims and your business needs. Talk to us now for a free consultation and planning session. Please fill in the contact form below.



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