Are Your Shoes L.A.C.E.D Up Properly?

It's no secret that if your shoes are not L.A.C.E.D. up properly you have a tendency to trip over them and sometimes cause serious injury to yourself and in some cases others around you... According to his Holiness the Dalai Lama, in order to change, you will have to be, “L.A.C.E.D.” up properly. Now what … Continue reading Are Your Shoes L.A.C.E.D Up Properly?

What Do You Identify Yourself with?

To begin to answer the question above you first need to understand, what is an identity? An identity is the labels you give yourself based on past conditioning. It’s a funny thing these labels that most people share, 90% of them are negative self-talk. If you are being honest how often have you heard friends, … Continue reading What Do You Identify Yourself with?

Did You Know that Your Universe is Govern by Laws?

They say life is experiences and there are no rights or wrongs in other words nothing is bad or good – It’s all just an experience that you and I can learn, grow and share from. On saying that they are consequences to every action you take and those consequences are govern by Laws – … Continue reading Did You Know that Your Universe is Govern by Laws?

What Is Real Success?

In my experience society and the media as an erroneous view or a make believe view of what success is… You see most of us are lead to believe that success is money, power, fame – The house you live in the car you drive and your current title at work etc. Now don’t get … Continue reading What Is Real Success?

Business Women Networking

On Thursday morning we had the pleasure to be a part of Norwich Business Womans Network run by Denise Bretton. To find out more about their monthly meetings please visit their Facebook page . In Norwich, they meet once a month in Caistor Hall. Tosin shared with the participants a bit about human nature, how … Continue reading Business Women Networking

Speaking with Confidence Workshop

Our upcoming Speaking with Confidence Workshop on 25th November 2017 in Reepham, Norwich, Norfolk This workshop will assist those who wish to develop their public speaking skills. Whether you are looking to improve your public speaking skills to improve your presentation skills at work, or to have a speech at your friend's wedding, to make … Continue reading Speaking with Confidence Workshop