Insa Winkelbrandt

My daughter Sarah, who is 14, has been scared of spiders for many years. More recently, she’s become afraid of needles, so much so that she wouldn’t have her meningitis, polio etc vaccination, either at school or at the clinic. Being a non-practicing NLP Practitioner, I knew that what she needed was a Fast Phobia Cure. We went to see Tosin Ogunnusi at Mpowerment, who spent less than a couple of hours with Sarah, first getting to know her a bit. When he thought she was ready, we simulated her having an injection with a real needle (no, we did not puncture her skin) and she was perfectly calm whereas before, she would have been hysterical at the sight of the needle. She also let a spider walk up her sleeve, which again would have been impossible before. In fact, I used to hear loud screaming in the house every so often and knew that there would be a spider in the room that Sarah was in, with Sarah frozen as far away from it as possible. I’m absolutely thrilled with the result and am taking Sarah for her vaccination next week. Thank you so much, Tosin. I can wholeheartedly recommend Tosin to anyone with a phobia that they want to get rid of