Tosin’s Books

Time To Break Free

The book is based on 7 key leadership principles around: How to heal and express your emotions in the moment & How to discover what your true purpose in life really is & How to set goals and consistently achieve them & How to manage your emotions by acknowledging, accepting and appreciating the past for what it truly is & How to live your life on your own terms without needing any external validation & How your mind works and how you create meaning from everything in your environment and how to take charge of your mind and therefore your results & How to incorporate the 8 Natural Laws of the Universe into your life so it works more easily, effectively and effortlessly

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Empower Yourself with 7 Natural Laws

Empower Yourself With 7 Natural Laws is an invaluable book that will provide you with daily inspiration. What advice do you seek today? Just open its pages randomly to reveal a colour, which represents the mood you’re in, and a personal message to go with the colour you’ve chosen.

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Perform Like a Champion

F1 Speaker system series that consists of 3 books on public speaking coming out soon. Soon you will be able to get Tosin’s new book Perform Like a Champion Every time You Speak, where you can learn six simply steps which will help you to master presentation skills.